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DHWA unpaid light bulb bills?
Category: Business
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8/1/2011 12:58 PM (PST)

Has anyone received a call from DHWA saying they owe on a 2 year old bill for light bulbs and if you don't pay they will send it to collections?

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8/5/2011 3:32 PM (PST)

I have had similar experiences with DHWA and the like, but due to my poor records keeping habits and the fact that I had received stuff that I didn't remember ordering, and had not paid for, I couldn't really prove that I didn't owe them, so I paid them. But ever since then, If I do break down and give in to their begging, I make sure to write down all the info, such as the date, name of person that called, name of company, items purchased and method of payment and notes about the sob story they tell me. I tell them this is the last time I can order and ask them to remove my number from their list and never call me again. There are at least a dozen of them, and someone always calls me again in a few months. I usually don't even pick up when I see their caller ID. But today I did and asked them why they were still calling? It was a story I've been told before about how some people don't pay for their orders and they are in desperate need of support. I was firm about not ordering, and to not be called. They deny it, but I think that they sent stuff to me that I hadn't ordered and then claimed that I owed them for it. Because I always pay over the phone, so I shouldn't be getting packages that I haven't already paid for. I'm done supporting them.

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