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Embrace Home Loans Inc. Truth or Scam
Category: Business
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9/17/2010 11:34 AM (PST)

Just received a brown envelope stating "Loan Documents Enclosed" from an Illinois zip code from a company in Newport, RI - Embrace Home Loans" offering FHA approved rates of 4.375% home mortgage and consolidation loans. Seems weird, they have BBB stamps and Equal Housing Lender logos on their packet. Sounds to good to be true. They have all the right pictures and testimonials. Can anyone help here. I went to TrustLink and they have no record of this company. Hmm? Sounds fishy. Richard

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9/17/2010 3:43 PM (PST)

A+ rating
Accredited Business with the Boston BBB
Full Reliability report:

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9/20/2010 7:18 AM (PST)

I found a facebook page and lots of recent customer reviews here: Also, their corporate website: In business since 1983, with 550+ employees and 18 branches, mostly on the eastern United States. They only do government loans (FHA, VA, USDA, 203k, Fannie Mae). Refinance or Purchase a home. Advanced Financial Services is now Embrace Home Loans. More than a new name, it's our way of reaching out to say "thank you" to the customers we've served for over 26 years. For the warmth and kindness you've shared in the hundreds of letters paying tribute to the extraordinary people who've been a part of our family. It's been an honor and a privilege. As a pioneer in mortgage lending, we remain a prominent leader in the industry today. Embrace Home Loans is an approved lender for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, approved by HUD for FHA insured loans, approved by VA, and an issuer for Ginnie Mae. Embrace Home Loans is licensed in 46 states. Since 1983, we have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals and their families purchase new homes, lower their monthly payments, and consolidate high-interest debt so they can enjoy some extra spending money. In the last 12 months, our mortgage specialists helped arrange over $2 billion in homeowner loans - all over the phone and online! We have the experience and the resources to be your mortgage lender for the long haul. When you work with Embrace Home Loans, there's no middleman; Embrace is a direct lender. We don't make decisions exclusively based on your credit history, because we want to lend to people, not numbers. You won't pay an application fee, and we arrange your entire loan over the phone with the option to close in as few as 21 days. From our corporate headquarters in Rhode Island, we employ over four hundred Mortgage Specialists and supporting staff to provide you with the personalized home financing you need to reach financial stability and achieve your dreams. Our Embrace Home Loans Mortgage Specialists will be happy to lend you a hand in choosing the right loan product for your situation. We are an active member of the Mortgage Banker's Association of America. We are an Equal Housing Lender and an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau. Are you ready for a new beginning? You deserve it. Give us a call today at 1-800-620-6292. Or fill out our quick, no-obligation, and confidential form.

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10/19/2010 1:08 PM (PST)

In regards to the facebook's funny how most of the reviews are from people with only a few friends and almost none of them have posted comments before or since their review. Also I like the one who's profile states she is an employee at embrace. Oh and the girl living in Germany? You guys apparently helped her too. ????

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10/19/2010 1:18 PM (PST)

Almost forgot...they have only been accredited since last August but the company has been around since 1983? What's up with that? And how are they rated A+ with 106 complaints in just over a year since being accredited?

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5/10/2012 11:04 PM (PST)

Actually They are listed on here. Johnny J. Did you read the reviews on BBB? They were about people refinancing and not get appraised for what they thought their home was worth. They also said the appraiser kept their money, duh, if you pay for it and you don't get the answer you wanted it does not mean you get your money back. And Embrace, or any mortgage lender at that, does not have anything to do with the appraiser. Not one complaint on BBB was about Loans. The lenders at Embrace have MLS numbers which means they are accredited. Do your research.

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