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Heirfinders Research Associates - inheritance recovery firm - are they legitimate?
5042 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 622
Los Angeles, CA 90036
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1/21/2011 10:33 AM (PST)

Has anyone heard of Heirfinders Research Associates? They are based in LA, have no reviews in BBB, but want to make sure they are legitimate. They "recover" funds from inheritances, etc.

Thank you for any input!

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3/9/2011 8:24 PM (PST)

This is Michael Haney -- I'm actually the owner of Heirfinders and thought I'd let everyone know that we are a member of the BBB (with an A+ rating). Here's the link to our report there: If you type "Heirfinders Research" into Google, the first thing that pops up is the BBB report. Heirfinders Research has assisted thousands of clients to claim millions of dollars. Our clients include an astronaut who walked on the moon, an Academy Award winning actress, and a former CEO of Time-Life. Current clients include Shriners Hospital for Children, the University of Southern California, and British Telecom. Our contracts have been approved by both Federal and State Courts. We hope we can be of assistance to you -- give us a call at (888) 281-4347 (that's toll free). Thank you for your interest. Michael Haney, Heirfinders Research

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1/6/2013 9:58 PM (PST)

I have to say, as a business owner, anyone who uses their BBB purchased A+ rating as a tool scares me a little but does not mean they are bad. It simply means they need the false credibility enough to pay a fee to another scam organization (The BBB) to be perceived in a better light. The BBB offers my business an A+ rating if I am willing to pay a fee to them. I consider that a scam of the worst type. They are not a free public service which actually does anything other than collect money to give a rating, then asks you for more to make complaints go away. If I get bad reviews I could make them "go away" with a little more money. They will "research it" and decide it wasn't a legitimate complaint. Problem solved! Not! Since I received a letter from Heirfinders Research Associates saying my family has unclaimed money, I too want to find a few actual reviews from people who have actually found and recovered money they were unaware of. I don't know of a single product or service that doesnt have real world reviews somewhere on the web, especially with so many people getting letters but I haven't found a one on this company. A reference to a purchased BBB rating actually scares me even more to be honest but I'm not suggesting this company is not legitimate. I have read in general some of these places are legitimate and some aren't so the good guys have to work a little harder to prove they are just that. ;) For the record there are real lists of this type of lost money so it is possible this company knows something about real funds out there and I may actually use them after a little more research on my own. It's what they are going to do that is questionable. This company (I want to make one POSITIVE note as I am not all negative, just cautious) says they will do it on contingency so you aren't throwing money into the wind just yet. But I would be scared if they ask you to sign some type of power of attorney to transfer the funds over to them first so they could go get them, then they say they will pay you. I would only do it if I got the funds back to me as the rightful owner, then agree to pay them out of that. That shouldn't be a problem for them if they have great contracts as they say they do, I am just guessing the contracts benefit them and give them the control. And a side note about the contracts.... A contract that screws me that is approved by State and Federal Courts doesn't necessarily help me if I am on the losing end. I'm on the fence here as the world is full of scams. Give me something that actually means something.

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