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Is About the a scam
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11/5/2010 9:04 PM (PST)

Message: I am very disappointed and disturbed by the service at, can anyone share experiences with me and help me find out if this is a scam, which is what I am thinking.

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11/8/2010 9:38 AM (PST)


The company is a BBB Accredited Business with the BBB in Santa Barbara and maintains an A+ rating. Our records show they have 31 complaints, but have given them proper consideration. You can view their full report and their complaints by clicking on "View BBB Reliability Report" and their TL reviews by clicking on "View Reviews" above your initial inquiry.

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8/4/2011 11:56 AM (PST)

About The Children (A Parental Advocate Group) works in conjunction with LAWYERS who prepare your (family) court documents, but who do not represent you in court - this is why they are affordable whereas you don't have to pay a retainer, or worry about attorney hourly fees... In many situations, you don't need legal advice - you need a court documents, and go to court on your own (referred to as "pro-per" or "pro se".

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2/7/2012 12:40 PM (PST)

I am a little bit concerned as a new member of About The Children. I am never able to contact a live person whenever I call, it always goes to voice mail. I was having daily conversations with my case representative up to the time that the $990.00 was withdrawn from my account and have not heard a word by telephone or mail since that date. I am hoping that they will set my mind at ease as I have a private investigator available to locate the company in California and report back to me as to the legitimacy of the company. I am using this service in hopes to get my custody case before a judge and as a desperate attempt to recover my abducted and kidnapped child by his mother and her boyfriend. He stalks me online and replies to any postings that I make online. Today's reply was that I am nothing but a sperm donor to my son and he is the "real daddy" to my child. I am tired of his abuse to me and my child and want this to stop at all costs. I am hoping this message will get to About The Children so they become aware that people that are in my situation have been taken advantage of many times by "fathers rights help organizations" and attorneys that take your money and give you no services in return. I don't want to feel deceived by the very people or organizations that I am suppose to be able to trust. Please keep in touch with your clients so they will not have to fear for the worst. We have enough trouble having to worry about our children and the people they are with, to worry about losing our finances that we intended to use to for our children. After four years of court costs, legal fees, attorney fees, private investigations and other related fees to preparing the documents, most of us fathers end up with very little money to utilize in an effort to help our children, which is exactly what the mothers and “victims” advocacy programs are hoping to happen to cut off father/child relationships.

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