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National Legal Network- scam?
8 Corporate Park Suite 300
Irvine, CA 92606
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2/16/2011 3:20 PM (PST)

Anyone heard of National Legal Ntework. They are a CA. modification company. Are they legit?

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2/16/2011 10:43 PM (PST)

Rob B.,

Basically, it sounds like you have been solicited by a company that will take (or have taken) your funds and can not fulfill the promise. Stop all communication immediately.

Modifications can be accomplished but you must first qualify for the assistance - financially and based upon hardship reasons. I can review your case and provide an honest assessment of your modification opportunity in WRITING. We review your case for HAMP eligibility, traditional modifications, repayment agreements, as well as, Refinancing options.

I have PERSONALLY modified more than 500 homes over the past six years and have extensive experience in Junior Lien Settlements, HELOC modifications and Short-sale proceedings. In fact, many of my clients have received Making Home Affordable Modifications reduced to as low as 2.00% interest rates and 20% reductions in their principal balance. I would be proud to provide you proof of my results.

Lastly, I do not take any clients that do NOT qualify for mortgage assistance. In my 6 years in this industry I have not received ONE complaint because my role is to help homeowners to keep their homes by negotiating long-term affordable payments, teaching them the fiduciary duties of their lenders and helping them to build a nest egg for their mortgage!

Give me a call, I would like to discuss your case and our fees are not due until the services are completed.

Trabuco Canyon Realty Specialists - 877-557-8747 or 323-549-3409
Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. PST.

"Save your Home or Walkaway with Dignity!"

P.S., upon your request, I can provide copies of successful modifications that I have secured in the past three to six months with rate reduction, term extension and principal forgiveness or non-interest bearing forbearance!!!

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2/17/2011 10:57 AM (PST)

Stay away, Rob. Because the loan modification industry has generated hundreds of thousands of complaints over the past few years the FTC recently finalized rules that bans advance fees and requires various disclosures and other restrictions for loan modification operators.

In general, we recommend that if you are having trouble making your mortgage payments we would recommend that you first seek a loan modification through a HUD approved non-profit housing counselor ASAP. If you are in CA you may qualify for one of the state's Mortgage Assistance Programs that have been launched this year. Call 888-954-KEEP (5337) to see if you qualify.

Check our Facebook page for more information on these:

If you don't qualify for the CA state programs, they will probably refer you to the national foreclosure prevention hotline to speak with a HUD certified housing counselor who can evaluate your housing options, open lines of communication with mortgage lenders, negotiate a loan modification, and help you with household budgeting, all at no cost.

National Foreclosure Prevention Hotline: 888-995-4673 (Remember, if you are a CA resident start with the state of California's special number for CA mortgage assistance programs: 888-954-KEEP (5337)

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