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Transfer America?
2245 West 190th Street Suite 200
Torrance, CA 90504
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9/27/2010 9:51 AM (PST)

Has anyone done business with Transfer America?
are they here to help people out of their timeshare or
rip you off. Take the money and deed and run. or Do you
really get out of your timeshare.

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9/27/2010 11:21 AM (PST)


I have linked Transfer America's BBB report above your initial inquiry. They are accredited members of the BBB with an excellent rating.

There is a definate difference when working with a timeshare company than with a timeshare transfer company. Tranfer companies will take title to your timeshare using all of the procedures required by the timeshare company. These companies require that you pay them to take the timeshare off your hands. It sounds counterintuitive but it does get you out from under the continuing obligations and the truth is, there are almost no buyers for timeshares. Please give us the name of the company you're dealing with, and we'll try to tell you whether this is a legitimate firm or one of the many many scam companies whose purpose is to separate people from their money. Since there is essentially no market for timeshare, many timeshare owner have utilized this option to transfer title.

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9/28/2010 5:30 AM (PST)

Thanks Mari, WE have a meeting with Transfer America coming up.
Trying not to go in blind. WE are looking ahead. anymore imformation
would be great. Thanks Diane

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10/10/2010 11:24 AM (PST)

How did you do with Transfer America? Which resort do you own?

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10/21/2010 10:24 PM (PST)

Before committing thousands upfront, I would also love to get references, handwritten and video testimonies. Transfer America (TA) agents can send you a blank "Agreement" form and a "Timeshare Worksheet" for your perusal. I feel the need to properly state in writing more specific details, such as how long the transfer process will take and until the property is transferred who is responsible for the (2011) maintenance&tax payment. TA should be responsible for it. You should be assured in writing that title transfer is possible on your timeshare, before signing and paying. Transfer America has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since the summer of 2010 but their business was first registered (in Ca) back in 2005.

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