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Breach of contract
Category: Other
8950 West Olympic Blvd Suite 117
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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4/7/2012 10:58 AM (PST)

I hired Terani Law firm for my defense. Thay in turn hired an Attorney in my home state where the legal problem existed. Court was 4-3. There was no before meeting! 1st mistake. The Attorney assigned was unkempt, shirt not tucked in because he was too over weight to tuck it in. He was carrying his oxygen ( yes many do) but he could hardly breathe and walked around the audience calling my name! He had NO defense in court. When we went to the window that you sign up for what the Judge orders we were sitting on the bench waitin our turn. He got a call from a Client in Butte. He was loud, verbally abusive, embarrassing and humiliating. The lady behind the glass called the office of the court and when he came to ask the attorney to steep out into the hall as they were trying to conduct business he was nasty and said so was he. He literally got in a pissing match with the officer and refused to move and contained on the phone. I paid this firm $4500 and got not a damn thing. They didmnotmkeep their word, broke their contract, lied to me and would not have in 10 million years have had this man represent then in court. They are trying to tell me he is a good attorney. I do not believe they even changed out his credentials or his personal presentation. They did not give a damn what they were giving me but were only interest in the $4500. They have breached the contract, nothing has been achieved, the attorney has not been heard from since court and I have contacted the firm. They owe me a complete refund andmImwillmseek means to get it even if it cost me. I am right back where I start when I hired them and there breach of contract has been a waste of time. I have friends on facebook too. They can deal with me. I am not an idiot. Others will know about how they treat people and if all this goodie two show stuff is real?

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4/10/2012 5:16 AM (PST)

There are almost 599 complaints being registered for them in last 3 years of which 281 are registered in last 12 months. There are multiple complaints being registered here at You can contact anyone of them for your purpose.

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