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Has anyone successfully gotten their money back from an attorney who has scammed you?
255 North D Street Suite 301
San Bernardino, CA 92404
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5/20/2010 7:47 AM (PST)

I was wondering if anyone has been scammed by an attorney and was able to get their money back successfully? If so, can you give me information on how to do this?

We have been scammed by The Law Office of Christopher Persaud aka Legal Modification Firm. He once again is gone. No one answers the phones or returns calls. He is not responding to emails. His cell phone mailbox is full all the time. His personal assistant Paloma Rodriguez does not answer her cell phone and her mail box is full too. She doesn't return emails. And we don't know where they went. We were told he left the office he was last at. He has like 9 different addresses listed.
We have filed complaints to the California Bar, Orange County District Attorney, Orange County Realtor Fraud, and on and on. Is there anything else that can be done?? If you read my review on the BBB under his office, it provides very detailed information of what has happen so far and why he has scammed us. There is many of us he has scammed. It is really sad that he took advantage of all of us. He has done nothing for us and took our money! Several people have and will lose their house because he did not contact their lenders to proceed the modification process. No one should ever do business with this lawyer.

I would appreciate any feedback and information on what else I can do to get our money back! I guess now it is up to the authorities to go after him.

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5/20/2010 9:23 AM (PST)


I linked their BBB report above. Although they are not working out of the Corona location, according to the State Bar they are still working out of the Downey location:

Law Offices of Christopher Persaud
8069 Florence Ave
Downey, CA 90240
Phone Number (562) 334-1500

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    2 Reviews
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    2 Answers

5/22/2010 1:40 AM (PST)

Thanks, yes I have all the information on this attorney but he is not answering the office phone, his cell phone mailbox is full so you can't leave a message, and his assistant Paloma is they same way. Her mailbox is full too. They are not returning emails, nothing!!!! On May 13 he picked up and moved again. He just posted the new address yesterday, but who knows if that is true. Nothing but lies are coming out of his mouth. He is telling us that he will do the modification so he can buy time so we don't contact the authorities. He is full of it! He is not doing anything for us and we requested a full refund. We have seen no money yet. He has a money back guarantee if no modification is done. We started this whole process in November 09 and here we are May 2010 with nothing done. We are done with him. There has been no contact to our lender all this time. He has and still is scamming so many of us it is unbelievable. I have a huge negative review already posted on his BBB page.
I was trying to see if anyone had gotten successfully their money back and how they went about it.
Thanks so much for trying to help. Hopefully something positive will come out of this mess soon.
Thanks again,

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