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"The benefits of showcasing our company on Trustlink have been amazing. New clients have expressed a sense of security knowing that Unity West maintains a 5-Star rating on Trustlink’s site and that there are over a hundred reviews about our company from real customers that they can easily navigate through. The transparent view of what a client can expect when considering doing business with Unity West Lending has definitely increased our client base."

- Jarrod Thomas, Customer Service Manager,
Unity West, Inc.

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Allastar C.

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Gender:   Female
Marital Status:   Married
Household Size:   4
Location:   Seal Beach, CA
Occupation:   Self-employed
Highest Level of Education:   College degree
TrustLinking Since:   August 2009
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Address: 9701 Jeronimo Rd.
Irvine, CA 92618
(888) 513-7746
Category: Internet Advertising Services    
City: Irvine    

It's no news that the economy has had an impact on my business. I own a hair salon and business has been down significantly over the last couple years. After relocating to a smaller location I knew I would need to do something regarding adv...

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Address: 1801 Century Park East 24th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 556-9620
Category: Debt Negotiation Services    
City: Los Angeles    

My hours were cut at work as a result of an injury and my husband’s income was often up and down since he worked in construction. We have two children, also… so trying to provide for them and cover our expenses with a loss that amounted to ...

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