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1NW Contact provides Inbound Contact Management Services and Outbound programs to the business community, including Customer Service Outsourcing, Order Taking, Sales and Payment Posting, as well as Customer Acquisition, Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Surveys, and Sales.  
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Posted 5/15/2013

T G.
1NW Contact
I have worked with this company since July of '12, I can honest say I have had no major problems with the company or the people employed there. My pay has never been an issue, except for Holiday weeks the checks have always been on time and there ... Read More »
Posted 5/15/2013

paul F.
This is a 1099 Job - You will be a self-employed contractor
I applied online, before reading all the complaints about this company. I did promptly get a response back from them, which stated: "all positions with 1NW Contact are Independent Contractor status, we do not deduct taxes from your checks, an... Read More »
Posted 3/19/2013

Nancy D.
Great Company!
I have worked for this company for several months. I have not had one problem with the pay. I am amazed at all the complaints! First, when you are hired, you are told exactly how the pay works. You are told it will be three weeks before you get yo... Read More »
Posted 3/1/2012

Linda M.
RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN away as fast as you can.
I was talked about behind my back by the HR personnel. I wasn't even an employee as of yet. My friend and I was going to start together and she was told I wasn't a "good fit" because I was a follower not a leader.They did not even know me well en... Read More »
Posted 2/28/2012

Renee E.
First of all this company takes forever to give you your 1st check...They said it would be 18 days before you get that 1st check, I waited 1 month.They are very unprofessional and YES that system that they use five9 is a very good system i worked ... Read More »
Posted 7/18/2011

lisa a.
Review 7/18/2011
They are definetely a company not to work for. They have not paid me in 5 weeks and tell me check will be issued. Their so called automated system of keeping track of calls is bogus. I kept track myself had three calls with clients for three call... Read More »
Posted 2/5/2011

Alana L.
Review 2/5/2011
This company is not up on paying like they tell you they are when you are hired, I have worked for this company since first of January and its been 5 weeks now, going on 6 and I still havent received my first pay check from them and have been give... Read More »
Posted 2/5/2011

D W.
Review 2/5/2011
Telemarketing/Sales 1NW Contact, LLC - customer contact center. Contracted for 1NW Contact, LLC PETER SCHUSTER verbally made contracts with In-home work and failed to pay for services rendered to many. BEWARE! Working on project for Peter at 1N... Read More »
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