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This company's business is the online sales of ink cartridges.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 7/21/2014

Denis K.
There ink doesn't work, And it will cost you money to ship it back.
I thought that I would save a little money buying ink from these people, What a mistake it was. The first shipment of ink wouldn't work in my printer, My printer kept asking for me to install the ink and it was already in my printer, So I called 1... Read More »
Posted 12/8/2013

Bob L.
Bad product
I got a fare amount of this ink because I had good luck in the past but this last bunch was terrible, some didn't work at all and some only partly worked for a short time Bob
Posted 8/30/2013

Joe B.
Inconsistent Quality and poor Customer Service policy
Purchased 8 inkjet cartridges, 4 failed but since it was beyond the 6 month warranty, no help. Their recommendation was to only purchase one cartridge at a time. First two cartridges worked perfectly. I will not use their service again and won't r... Read More »
Posted 5/29/2013

gary b.
Thanks for the heads up
Read the reviews and as I suspected they are scammers. Thanks for the warning.
Posted 3/1/2013

Jim B.
One of the worst spammers on the net
Their anti-spam statement on their website sounds great, but it's all a lie. As an experiment, I used their opt-out on a spare email address and the spam traffic on that email address exploded. If they lie about spam, what does that say about thei... Read More »
Posted 1/14/2013

Thanx to all of you for the information
I was just about to pay for their package of 5 black & 4 color ink cartridges, when I intuitively thought I'd better check the on-line reviews. I want to send a SHOUT OUT to all who explained what their experiences were like. You have saved me, a ... Read More »
Posted 12/17/2012

glen G.
Thanks to all and for the warnings to avoid.
I also owe thanks to all that use and report product and services reviews. I almost gave into trying this company as ink is an expensive item. I will stick to buying HP ink as I have never had a complaint with their product.
Posted 7/30/2012

Ann S.
Wow! Thank you to all of you who took the time to write about your experiences! Now I might have only been out about 10-15 bucks, but saving me the torture and potential headache that may have been brought on by a bad experience is priceless! I... Read More »
Posted 3/15/2012

Stephen M.
Words cannot express how bad their customer service people are. They just could not conceivably care less. They are beyond rude; they are actually antagonistic, probably due to the high volume of complaints. Even though you pay more, you'll end... Read More »
Posted 2/13/2012

Henry B.
Inferior cartridges - Don't use this company!
1ink claims "100% satisfaction guaranteed" but the fine print is that satisfaction isn't free. You pay shipping on their defective cartridges and you have to wait for them to inspect and approve that their junk is defective. If not, you're out of ... Read More »
Posted 8/11/2011

James D.
Review 8/11/2011
In December 2009 I purchased a compatible HP 88XL ink cartridge deal from 1ink. It included (2) black extra large cartridges and (1) each standard size cyan, yellow, & magenta cartridges. When the first black cartridge that I installed in my HP O... Read More »
Posted 6/2/2011

Review 6/2/2011
I ordered / rec'd in Mar 2010 a large quantity of black and color ink jet cartridges for my HP printer. Just over a year later one of each failed to work. I called their Customer Service today, June 2, 2011. A rather stern rep. said, 'No credit or... Read More »
Posted 5/31/2011

Shunna C.
Review 5/31/2011
I am so glad I checked this out before purchasing toner cartridges for my hp4200. I would have been very upset to receive it and it not work. Thank you all for posting your reviews, they all helped.
Posted 4/9/2011

John T.
Review 4/9/2011
The black ink cartridge 564, 564XL and the 564XL photo black does not work. It displays as empty on the printer and when printing the print is faded,streaky, missing and causes the printer to misprint. This is a very bad product that could harm ... Read More »
Posted 4/6/2011

Cat J.
Review 4/6/2011
This company uses a known spammer to send their ads to people who have been suppressed for spam, and are on the DMA opt out list, and on the lists the spammer most likely used to buy the addresses. People who never opted in in the first place. T... Read More »
Posted 3/8/2011

Lorri H.
Review 3/8/2011
DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT ORDER BUY OR EVEN INQUIRY information from this company about the products they sell. After ordering 20 plus cartridges, at what seemed to be a good buy, the company refuses to stand behind their 100% guarantee. The fi... Read More »
Posted 3/7/2011

Chester G.
Review 3/7/2011
I ordered a set of 5 cartridges for my printer and only 1 of the first 3 worked. The 2 were in sealed plastic in a new box but when I opened them there was no ink in the cartridges. I appears that all that was done was to seal the spent cartridg... Read More »
Posted 2/5/2011

John D.
Review 2/5/2011
I guess I was very lucky. I ordered product from this company and have no complaints, but I will not press my luck by buying again
Posted 1/19/2011

Truth B.
Review 1/19/2011
One Star is even to much for them! All their products are generic and the Customer service sucks!
Posted 8/12/2010

Norman F.
Review 8/12/2010
The company responded to our complaint by asking us to pay to ship the defective product back to them. The products we purchased would not work with our printer even though they were supposed to be direct replacements , they were designed differen... Read More »
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