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Murrieta , CA 92562
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1st American Card Service has been helping businesses choose the best payment systems since 1986. Our years of real and direct experience allows us to find the best custom tailored solutions.  
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Merchant Credit Card Processing Services

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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 2/27/2010
Review 2/27/2010
I can only say great thing about this company. In the 31 years in the Food Services industry, I ha... Read More »
Posted 5/20/2011
Review 5/20/2011
I have had one of the best experiences from 1st American Card service. In the 6 years we have bee... Read More »
Posted 5/4/2011
Review 5/4/2011
Perfect service. Every experience from 1st american from the very first call up to just a few week... Read More »
Posted 5/3/2011
Review 5/3/2011
I am very impressed with the service I have had with this company. I have just added up the saving... Read More »
Posted 4/11/2011
Review 4/11/2011
I LOVE this company! After going around the circle with the old service, 1stamerican came through f... Read More »
Posted 3/11/2011
Review 3/11/2011
I am very happy with the service. They are very fast to respond to any customer service call I made... Read More »
Posted 3/11/2011
Review 3/11/2011
I did a lot of searching for a credit card company because I had been burned by 2 previous companies... Read More »
Posted 1/24/2011
Review 1/24/2011
I want to warn anyone who is thinking of switching to this company from another merchant. 1st Americ... Read More »
Posted 10/6/2010
Review 10/6/2010
The best experience I have ever had with a Merchant Account. The service is perfection. The cos... Read More »
Posted 9/12/2010
Review 9/12/2010
This company has delivered on every promise, including 40% savings, local technical support and a st... Read More »
Posted 9/3/2010
Review 9/3/2010
My business was facing very harsh weather and flooding recently. We were spared the Flooding, than... Read More »
Posted 9/2/2010
Review 9/2/2010
I was ready to sign with this company this morning but due to a call not returned as the receptionis... Read More »
Posted 8/25/2010
Review 8/25/2010
We love this company for many reasons. I think the top reason is the support they have, it is the b... Read More »
Posted 8/11/2010
Review 8/11/2010
They were very easy to work with. Went beyond any of the other companies I was researching in expla... Read More »
Posted 7/16/2010
Review 7/16/2010
This is a well run, professional company. My experiences are clear that they understand customers a... Read More »
Posted 7/14/2010
Review 7/14/2010
A wonderful company and such a pleasure to work with! They took the time and explained everything t... Read More »
Posted 7/8/2010
Review 7/8/2010
You can not find a better company then 1st american. Our business has been in the family for 58 ye... Read More »
Posted 6/9/2010
Review 6/9/2010
I am on my eighth month with this company and it is a great pleasure working with them. I started ... Read More »
Posted 5/21/2010
Review 5/21/2010
We are so happy with this company. Efficient and professional. They also gave us the best rates th... Read More »
Posted 5/18/2010
Review 5/18/2010
It is a pleasure to work with this company! I must have talked to 15 companies. Most were not wil... Read More »
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