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Founded in 2005, ATMCash is an international money transfer service committed to providing U.S. residents with an easy, safe, and convenient way to transfer money to friends and family around the world.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 1/16/2013

Barry L.
ATM CASH closed
Be glad they said invitation only. I sent question in their chat forum and recieved response that sounds like they are closing operations. Also sounds like people with money on accounts are going to have to wait for refund see following response ... Read More »
Posted 1/11/2013

Mike H. by Invitation only
Yeah, what the heck is up with that!?!?! Today I go and try to sign up at as an easy way to give my two kids in college money easily and effectively. And what do I get? "Sorry we are accepting new customers by Invitation only". WOW... Read More »
Posted 5/7/2012

Blake S.
Super easy to use!
ATMCASH is super easy to use and I know I can trust them with my money!
Posted 2/5/2012

Watkins E.
send money from my desk
I got sick of making two stops, by going to the bank and then another place to send the money. Now i just sit at home or work and send the money whenever I need to.
Posted 2/3/2012

Helpful customer service
I ordered the card for a consultant and only reloaded it a couple times. I had some logistical issues in the beginning but it was not an issue once I understood that the security measures in place are there for my benefit. The customer service wa... Read More »
Posted 2/2/2012

Richard C.
Monthly Payments
I use ATMCash to pay an assistant I have working for me in Vietnam. We tried a few options before this, like Paypal etc, but in the end the easiest thing was for her to get quick access to the cash at a cheap cost for me. I've used both the inst... Read More »
Posted 12/30/2011

Hideki I.
A mixed blessings - great for senders, bad for receivers (5 stars when bugs are fixed)
I agree with everybody who's reviewed this company that it is probably the most convenient and flexible method to transfer funds overseas. But I'd like to point out few negative issues on the recipient-end that I've had that caused this service t... Read More »
Posted 12/9/2011

M S.
Reasonable and useful.
This is reasonably priced service which allows me to send $ to the Philippines. The immediate load is a great service in case of emergency.
Posted 12/9/2011

Gene T.
Easy to use.
I like it simply because of the ease of transferring funds to Cambodia for a low flat fee as opposed to others such as MoneyGram.
Posted 12/9/2011

M P.
Most affordable method
I need to send money to my dad in Brazil every month to help out with his expenses. ATMCASH is the most affordable method I found to do it.
Posted 12/9/2011

Wynelle D.
A blessing
It has been a lifesaver to help our daughter have her cash once we got through the first hurdles...she can get it out immediately and that has been a blessing to her.
Posted 12/9/2011

Andrei F.
Lower fees, impressive level of attention to customers.
My parents depend on me as an only child. We are far away as I have been on a different continent for the last nine years, first for studies and now for work. With ATMCash I can send them money quickly and with little effort from my computer. This... Read More »
Posted 12/7/2011

Omar H.
ATMCash Review
I was unsure at first of using a new service but in the end its just so much easier to handle loading money to a card and even better for my family to just go to an ATM rather than a public location.
Posted 12/7/2011

Cristo R.
ATMCash Review
My son's mother lives in Canada and atmcash makes it a ton easier with less fees for me to get the funds I need to her and my son.
Posted 11/9/2011

Reynolds O.
Review 11/9/2011
Being able to send an ATM cash card for my fiancee to use makes it so much easier for her to retrieve her money. The staff are also very willing and dedicated to resolving any problems that might arise in a quick manor.
Posted 11/8/2011

huy v.
Review 11/8/2011
First, it makes it easy for the sender to send money since a debit card is issued. You can make sure that the money goes to the recipient. Also, the recipient can withdraw the funds easily through atms that has cirrus logo. In the Philippines, we ... Read More »
Posted 8/3/2011

Rod G.
Review 8/3/2011
After much trial and error with other payment solutions, this is hands down the best way to send money to my freelancer in Pakistan. Best rate, safest, and great customer service! Highly recommended.
Posted 8/1/2011

Jeffrey S.
Review 8/1/2011
My research found it to be the cheapest and most convenient way to get money to my daughter in Argentina, really like the use of ATM to receive the money.
Posted 8/1/2011

Reagan L.
Review 8/1/2011
Sending money is really great and easy. In just a minute money is already sent to my recipient and she can use the card anytime she wants. Great customer service! (I sent money to the Philippines)
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