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AceReader is referred to as reading improvement software, reading assessment software, online reader software, reading fluency software, vision training software, and speed reading software.  
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Posted 9/24/2013

Georgia B.
Wonderful product, Wonderful customer service
I learned to speed read many, many years ago, and it has been an INVALUABLE skill. Wanting my children to have the same advantage that I do, I began searching for a product that would teach them this skill. Ace Reader fits the bill perfectly. We h... Read More »
Posted 7/12/2014

Reiner S.
Excellent tool and wonderful customer service
I am learning with Ace-Reader to improve both learning speed and comprehension. From the start, the tool has been quite intuitive and motivating. The pace is great and I am sure I am getting a lot of value for a very reasonable price. Beyond the s... Read More »
Posted 7/8/2014

steven c.
Good To Great
My daughter was good at reading but she is by nature competitive. She wanted her reading level higher.Other students had gotten ahead of her and she wanted to catch up and be in the lead. I made a bet with my rising 2nd grader that if she did just... Read More »
Posted 7/2/2014

James B.
Ace-Reader “a completely satisfied customer”
To Ace-Reader and anyone who is considering the benefits, I just graduated in May 2014 with my second Master’s Degree from the University of Texas at Dallas. The work load was so challenging and the amount of reading that was required was overwhel... Read More »
Posted 6/12/2014

Ellis G.
Great Company
Ace Reader has fantastic software, and the support is the very best that it can be. Bernie even went to the extent of calling me from Europe to help me in the resolution of my question. Thanks for the great service!!!
Posted 5/26/2014

Dru W.
AceReader : My personal reading tune-up toolkit
Over the years, I have tried quite a few reading development oriented programs. There is only one, that, after - 13 years - of use, I keep coming back to. That is AceReader. I use AceReader frequently to keep myself 'up to speed', no pun intended.... Read More »
Posted 5/8/2014

Mandeep W.
I really enjoy the program.
I’ve built it into one of my daily habits, and it’s nice to able to keep track of my progress and how my reading speed changes over time. The customer support is also phenomenal, and I’ve never been left on hold which is always a plus.
Posted 4/15/2014

Robert M.
Ace-Reader-Amazing. Hands down best product.
This program is absolutely amazing, it improves your reading, comprehension, and focus ability. Myself being a psychology undergrad have used this program invaluably to sift through hard course work and educational information. This program allows... Read More »
Posted 4/4/2014

Amy H.
Fantastic program!
I looked into increasing my reading speed and was pleased to find Ace Reader. What I am really thrilled about is that not only am I increasing my own reading speed, but my kids are as well! They enjoy challenging themselves to improve their speed,... Read More »
Posted 3/25/2014

Liza C.
Wonderful tool
I stumbled on Ace Reader in the mid 1990's when I was in graduate school (a lot of reading). I had been struggling with my reading speed for as long as I can remember. I used Ace Reader then to improve my speed and now use it to quickly read long ... Read More »
Posted 3/12/2014

Bill T.
Excellent Product, Excellent Customer Service
I first purchased Ace Reader in 2000 and have enjoyed using it so much that I always want to make sure I have the latest version. With each new upgrade, they add new features that make reading improvement fun rather than work. In addition to Ace R... Read More »
Posted 2/21/2014

M N.
Outstanding customer service!
Any reading product can offer speed reading algorithms. This product offers that and more. Since comprehension is such a vital part of my reading experience, I appreciate the fact that this program contains a plethora of comprehension tests that c... Read More »
Posted 1/15/2014

Paul H.
Great Company, Amazing Product!!
I stumbled upon Acereader in 2009 after seeing a video about speed reading on the internet. This prompted me to research the subject and led me to Acereader. Since using Acereader my reading ability has significantly improved. The concepts this pr... Read More »
Posted 12/2/2013

Daniel P.
Great Program!
I started with Acereader Pro a little over a year ago. My reading was about 175 wpm. I am now at 400 wpm. I am 66 years old and love to read. Here's how I worked the program: I would set the reading speed to 1500 wpm, after a few runs, I would adj... Read More »
Posted 10/24/2013

Roger A.
Excellent Features - Excellent Support
This is the third speed reading program I have tested and it is by far the best. The incorporation of a highly customizable ebook reader makes AceReader highly practical and useful for everyday use. I had a few questions regarding various features... Read More »
Posted 10/22/2013

Rick N.
Great product!
I started using Ace Reader in 2000 and have upgraded a couple of times since then. I love the program and my reading skills have benefited immensely as a result. It makes the improvement process fun and really helps me get through a lot of materia... Read More »
Posted 9/19/2013

April F.
Thank You Ace Reader!
Hello, my name is April, I use to be a painfully slow reader before I started Acer Reader. I hated to read because it took forever. I have tried many speed reading programs to no avail. When started Acer Reader I discovered that I enjoyed reading ... Read More »
Posted 7/27/2013

Amazing, fun program that works!
I have been a slow reader all my life. Ironically, my job demands that I read huge volumes of material nearly every day. My work involves reading medical charts and articles, and I stopped even trying to read for pleasure. I read less than 5 books... Read More »
Posted 7/10/2013

Thomas C.
Great Customer Service
I bought AceReader a few years back to improve my reading speed and retention. It worked great, but that's not what this story is about. Recently I started some more school and wanted to brush up, but I didn't have the computer with the software a... Read More »
Posted 5/20/2013

Tom B.
Invaluable Time Saver
With the amount of industry reading that my position now demands, this tool has become invaluable to me to keep up with the volume of articles that are sent to me in an efficient and effective manner. Great job!
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