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AceReader is referred to as reading improvement software, reading assessment software, online reader software, reading fluency software, vision training software, and speed reading software.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 9/24/2013
Wonderful product, Wonderful customer service
I learned to speed read many, many years ago, and it has been an INVALUABLE skill. Wanting my childr... Read More »
Posted 4/15/2014
Ace-Reader-Amazing. Hands down best product.
This program is absolutely amazing, it improves your reading, comprehension, and focus ability. Myse... Read More »
Posted 4/4/2014
Fantastic program!
I looked into increasing my reading speed and was pleased to find Ace Reader. What I am really thril... Read More »
Posted 3/25/2014
Wonderful tool
I stumbled on Ace Reader in the mid 1990's when I was in graduate school (a lot of reading). I had b... Read More »
Posted 3/12/2014
Excellent Product, Excellent Customer Service
I first purchased Ace Reader in 2000 and have enjoyed using it so much that I always want to make su... Read More »
Posted 2/21/2014
Outstanding customer service!
Any reading product can offer speed reading algorithms. This product offers that and more. Since com... Read More »
Posted 1/15/2014
Great Company, Amazing Product!!
I stumbled upon Acereader in 2009 after seeing a video about speed reading on the internet. This pro... Read More »
Posted 12/2/2013
Great Program!
I started with Acereader Pro a little over a year ago. My reading was about 175 wpm. I am now at 400... Read More »
Posted 10/24/2013
Excellent Features - Excellent Support
This is the third speed reading program I have tested and it is by far the best. The incorporation o... Read More »
Posted 10/22/2013
Great product!
I started using Ace Reader in 2000 and have upgraded a couple of times since then. I love the progra... Read More »
Posted 9/19/2013
Thank You Ace Reader!
Hello, my name is April, I use to be a painfully slow reader before I started Acer Reader. I hated t... Read More »
Posted 7/27/2013
Amazing, fun program that works!
I have been a slow reader all my life. Ironically, my job demands that I read huge volumes of materi... Read More »
Posted 7/10/2013
Great Customer Service
I bought AceReader a few years back to improve my reading speed and retention. It worked great, but ... Read More »
Posted 5/20/2013
Invaluable Time Saver
With the amount of industry reading that my position now demands, this tool has become invaluable to... Read More »
Posted 5/11/2013
Fast Improvement & Fun
We purchased AceReader less than a month ago because my 16-year-old daughter needed to improve her r... Read More »
Posted 5/1/2013
Only Gets Better
We have used Ace Reader in our homeschool (6 children using the product) since August 2012. The thin... Read More »
Posted 4/12/2013
A blessing for homeschoolers
I'm a homeschooler with six kids and we have been using ACE READER for over three years and it's the... Read More »
Posted 4/8/2013
Excellent customer support
Our children have been using AceReader for about a month and have shown noticeable improvement. Howe... Read More »
Posted 2/4/2013
AceReader is a great programl
I first began using AceReader a number of years ago. Through using the program, I comprehended more... Read More »
Posted 1/9/2013
Best Reading Software out there!!
Testimonial: The Ace Reader Pro software has been a great for increasing my reading and comprehensio... Read More »
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