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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 8/8/2013
Terribly pay2win
I have played Last Chaos for a number of years, and I knew quite early that a significant advantage ... Read More »
Posted 6/6/2013
BLOCKED ACCOUNT and bad customer service(june 6.2013)
been playing Eden eternal game of aeria games and entertainment for quite sometime now, even spent m... Read More »
Posted 4/16/2013
Good to worse.
I been with aeriagames since 2006 of Last Chaos & TS1 and longer. I will give Aeriagames benefit... Read More »
Posted 2/26/2013
I've played a couple of their games over a few year peroid. I've had several issues occur that will ... Read More »
Posted 12/14/2012
At Wits End With This Company
I have been with Aeriagames for quite some time now and find their service to be horrific and commun... Read More »
Posted 11/19/2012
It is a horrible company. STAY AWAY!
First of all, I've been an Aeria Costumer since Grand Fantasia then Eden Eternal. The games were gre... Read More »
Posted 10/22/2012
Hellowz, I play aeria games for a long time, and the only thing I can say is that the GM'S are the ... Read More »
Posted 9/26/2012
Horrible service
I've played Aeria games occasionally for years, trying each new game and whatnot. Yesterday, I got a... Read More »
Posted 7/17/2012
truly made me sad
i played with Aeria for nearly 10 years now, and until recently i had never had a problem with them ... Read More »
Posted 6/27/2012
I don't understand the negativity...
I've been playing Aeria games for a few years now with no real problems from them. Currently I play... Read More »
Posted 4/22/2012
Aeria Games is known for it's terrible customer service. I've been playing games with the company fo... Read More »
Posted 3/25/2012
Game should be banned
I've been an Aeria member for about 5 years now, and spent quite a bit of money on there. Recently, ... Read More »
Posted 3/16/2012
This company should be investigated
I Have been a member of aeria games since 2008 have always abided by their T.O.S spend a lot cash ... Read More »
Posted 1/24/2012
As Unbiased As I Could Write. Please Read re:Aeria Games
Aeria puts out many games, mostly in the same formats/story/gameplay you can get anywhere. DOMO is ... Read More »
Posted 1/20/2012
Aeria Very Good Game Provider
I have experience with some different Freegame-providers.

I played 3 Years Last Chaos in Germany ... Read More »
Posted 1/7/2012
Agh this company should be destroyed
Banned my Shaiya account five minutes after I dished out 500$. No reason given. Do NOT trust this ac... Read More »
Posted 1/7/2012
Banned over fifteen of my accounts. The first one was banned for "botting", before I even finished d... Read More »
Posted 11/5/2011
Review 11/5/2011
I played Last Chaos on Aeria Games for about a year and a half, spending a significant amount of tim... Read More »
Posted 10/31/2011
Review 10/31/2011
I signed up for one of the games, Eden Eternal, I enjoyed the game and decided to purchase AP, in ga... Read More »
Posted 10/23/2011
Review 10/23/2011
An ardent player of MMORPGs, I've witnessed the customer service of many of the top Publishing compa... Read More »
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