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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 8/8/2013

Terribly pay2win
I have played Last Chaos for a number of years, and I knew quite early that a significant advantage was given to those willing to spend money into the game. As I progressed through the game in levels and experiences, it is sickening to see how ess... Read More »
Posted 6/6/2013

dania t.
BLOCKED ACCOUNT and bad customer service(june 6.2013)
been playing Eden eternal game of aeria games and entertainment for quite sometime now, even spent money on their aps and get primes.. just when i was about 50% till i reach my level 60 . i was blocked from my own account which is odd since 4 hour... Read More »
Posted 4/16/2013

Kim u.
Good to worse.
I been with aeriagames since 2006 of Last Chaos & TS1 and longer. I will give Aeriagames benefit out of the doubt was the decent company in 2006~2010. Till there greed started to filled them and pretty much blame it on there "developers&q... Read More »
Posted 2/26/2013

Brad C.
I've played a couple of their games over a few year peroid. I've had several issues occur that will 100% keep me away from their company in the future. I urge any gamer to stay away from Aeria Games Entertainment, there are several better gaming c... Read More »
Posted 12/14/2012

Sal E.
At Wits End With This Company
I have been with Aeriagames for quite some time now and find their service to be horrific and communistic. Any grievance I had with them was never resolved to my satisfaction. For years I have aided them without recognition,humbling even when I wa... Read More »
Posted 11/19/2012

It is a horrible company. STAY AWAY!
First of all, I've been an Aeria Costumer since Grand Fantasia then Eden Eternal. The games were great and I loved it. What disappoints me is the bias treatment of the GMs towards GS's and certain players. There are reporting spree and the ban for... Read More »
Posted 10/22/2012

Robin U.
Hellowz, I play aeria games for a long time, and the only thing I can say is that the GM'S are the badest in probably the whole WORLD. What they did? Simple. Twelve sky 2 Tranq server jinongs: They banned the best jins (MAX LVL BEST SETS!!) (... Read More »
Posted 9/26/2012

Kayla A.
Horrible service
I've played Aeria games occasionally for years, trying each new game and whatnot. Yesterday, I got an email from them saying my account was banned for third party selling. I hadn't played an Aeria game for months so I know it wasn't me. I followed... Read More »
Posted 7/17/2012

scott s.
truly made me sad
i played with Aeria for nearly 10 years now, and until recently i had never had a problem with them at all. tho 2 weeks ago i went to log into my account and it flat out was not there. i never once received a single email or heads-up of any sort. ... Read More »
Posted 4/22/2012

Bre N.
Aeria Games is known for it's terrible customer service. I've been playing games with the company for 5 years and when it comes to real money lost, they are always hesitant to return anything and make every excuse that they can to avoid paying you... Read More »
Posted 3/25/2012

Angie W.
Game should be banned
I've been an Aeria member for about 5 years now, and spent quite a bit of money on there. Recently, my account was hacked and everything was taken from me. Instead of proceeding with a proper investigation, they had the nerve to blame the custome... Read More »
Posted 3/16/2012

mike s.
This company should be investigated
I Have been a member of aeria games since 2008 have always abided by their T.O.S spend a lot cash on their Aeria Points and had no issues for the fisrt few years of my gaming experience till recently. They closed my account after 4 years ... Read More »
Posted 1/24/2012

David G.
As Unbiased As I Could Write. Please Read re:Aeria Games
Aeria puts out many games, mostly in the same formats/story/gameplay you can get anywhere. DOMO is their only unique game. I began playing DOMO about 4 years ago. At that time, customer service was fast and efficient, GMs and GSs would take care... Read More »
Posted 1/7/2012

bob g.
Agh this company should be destroyed
Banned my Shaiya account five minutes after I dished out 500$. No reason given. Do NOT trust this accursed company!
Posted 1/7/2012

Dom F.
Banned over fifteen of my accounts. The first one was banned for "botting", before I even finished downloading Shaiya. The second was banned for "real world trading", before I finished downloading the same game. The next five were banned for "hara... Read More »
Posted 11/5/2011

Anony M.
Review 11/5/2011
I played Last Chaos on Aeria Games for about a year and a half, spending a significant amount of time and money on the game and getting three characters to level cap. To summarize it, customer service sucks (took up to 19 days to get a weapon upg... Read More »
Posted 10/31/2011

Gregory D.
Review 10/31/2011
I signed up for one of the games, Eden Eternal, I enjoyed the game and decided to purchase AP, in game currency, because of a promotion for Halloween. As soon as they billed me, my account was suspended for security reasons. I saw the AP in my acc... Read More »
Posted 10/23/2011

Arun K.
Review 10/23/2011
An ardent player of MMORPGs, I've witnessed the customer service of many of the top Publishing companies, and I must say, Aeria has a very high rating as far as I am concerned. Any complaints and requests made to the staff are taken care of quickl... Read More »
Posted 10/19/2011

CeeCee E.
Review 10/19/2011
Less than a year ago I was harassed by a GS, and was told by other GSes different things in regards to reporting it. While asking a question about it, I was banned for GS harassment, harassment of other players, and a bunch of other things before ... Read More »
Posted 10/9/2011

Niemit C.
Review 10/9/2011
I've played Shaiya 4+ years. Everything has been going downhill steady. The average person cannot afford to spend the thousands of dollars it takes for gear to compete in PvP in this "free" game. And if you do spend your childrens college fund ... Read More »
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