Affordable Water Heaters & Plumbing, Inc.

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This company's business is selling and installing water heaters.  
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Posted 4/29/2013

Ben B.
i was quoted over $2700 to replace out water heater after hearing their recorded phone message that they are competitive. When I said NO, the manager called back and said he would offer me "next month's special" which was $979.00. When I... Read More »
Posted 3/31/2013

D K.
After reaching out for a leaking water heater, we were quoted $2590 to replace a 40 gallon tank. Once we quickly did our due diligence, we learned that the actual cost should have been in the $1000-1200 range. Once we balked, the sales manager low... Read More »
Posted 2/3/2013

josh c.
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! THEY DESERVE LESS THAN ONE STAR! I will give NEGATIVE FIVE STAR if I can. They claim to be 24 hours 7 days but they're not. I called for service last night and only received a call back the next morning. They charge $99 trip f... Read More »
Posted 11/10/2012

Jim J.
Do not deal with this dishonest company
I recently had the misfortune of using Affordable Water Heaters & Plumbing to replace my water heater. As soon as the technician, Manuel, arrived without checking the water hear for any problems he immediately said that I needed a new water heater... Read More »
Posted 9/27/2012

Robert A.
They think we are stupid. Their estimate was $1200 for a $400 job which they did wrong and charged $850 with a slight of hand on the paperwork and credit card. I consider them to be unethical. I would avoid them if I were you. I will NEVER call th... Read More »
Posted 11/17/2011

Leslie T.
Review 11/17/2011
Why do I give this company an overall F rating? Read how the whole story went down in the next section. If I can save future subscribers from giving their hardearned money to this unscrupulous business, I would be thrilled that my time to docume... Read More »
Posted 5/26/2011

Cindy L.
Review 5/26/2011
This company is not to be trusted. They will lie to you that your water heater needs an emergency replacement. Then they will proceed to provide you a contract price which is more than double the price you would pay if you went with another compan... Read More »
Posted 5/11/2011

Nancy P.
Review 5/11/2011
The water heater wasn't heating and we couldn't figure how to re-light it. I called the phone number listed on the water heater for our area and it would cost $99 for the visit from Affordable Water Heaters and Plumbing Inc. He came, glanced at ... Read More »
Posted 10/18/2010

Review 10/18/2010
Affordable Water Heaters and Plumbing, Inc. While the actual plumber who performed the work was pleasant and as far as we know, did a good job, the business tactics the Company itself utilizes is disgraceful and unscrupulous. My husband called a... Read More »
Posted 9/28/2010

Tyler C.
Review 9/28/2010

Tyler C.
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I had this company install a water heater with a 6 year warranty back on 3/15/06. Only 4 1/2 years later, the heater is toast. When the service technician came out, I presented him the paperwork show... Read More »
Posted 8/15/2010

Review 8/15/2010
I have a warning about a water heater company in Santa Clarita called Affordable Water heaters. They one I dealt with is located in San Fernando but they have companies throughout southern California. They are the ones that send out a yellow stic... Read More »
Posted 12/6/2007

LA Consumer
Review 12/6/2007
I don't think this company can be trusted. See if any of this has happened to you. Four years ago we bought a home, and the appliances were covered by homeowners insurance. When the water heater broke we called up the insurers, who had Aff... Read More »
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