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American Bullion Inc. is a precious metals firm specializing in converting Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) or Former 401Ks into physical Gold and Silver IRAs. Learn about our Gold IRA  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 8/25/2013

Hunter S.
Very nice to deal with
They explained the process slowly and put everything out on the table. Storage fees and custodial fees which was nothing. I have to presume that the complaints are possible because gold went down at some point so I'm writing because gold has gone ... Read More »
Posted 7/3/2014

Jesus S.
Helpful staff
The American Bullion website caught my attention. I liked the explanation of the services and process. Your staff are extremely helpful. I wouldnt change one thing about your process.
Posted 7/3/2014

Cinda S.
Reliable Agent
I heard an ad on the radio and it sounded really good so I contacted you. Our agent was really courteous and knowledgeable. He is very thorough and always gets back to us when he says he is going to. We really like him. He is very easy and pleasan... Read More »
Posted 7/2/2014

Alice R.
Good Alternative
I wanted to work with American Bullion after talking with my agent. Your company did a great job of helping me get away from Vanguard.
Posted 6/9/2014

Ken F.
Extremely satisfied
They did really well with my IRA rollover, giving me information and spending time with me.
Posted 6/2/2014

Ken F.
Well done!
I was so pleased with my agent’s proficiency and professionalism. Please express my appreciation to the agent for her talents and her hospitality—she is the best. She has earned my 'Ten Star' rating.
Posted 5/16/2014

Al B.
Your agent was very experienced and I enjoyed your materials. You were good at informing me ad answer my questions which I had even after reading your materials since I had never invested in precious metals before.
Posted 5/13/2014

Charles G.
Great communication
I worked with Amer Bullion after talking with a few other companies and doing some general research. They had great communication and everything went really smooth. Its been interesting learning more about gold and I'm glad that I now have it for ... Read More »
Posted 4/15/2014

Carl B.
Customer Service
I loved their customer service. My agent was persistent because it was hard to get a hold of me.
Posted 3/7/2014

Mike K.
Almost perfect
I found them through an ad on Hanity and decided to call in. There was a lot of discussion back and forth, mainly about prices. I understand their standpoint on gold prices after discussing them a lot. I'm pretty confident in my decision and I lik... Read More »
Posted 3/7/2014

James K.
Unbelievably Patient
Getting to know my Agent through a series of telephone calls when i was trying to decide whether or not to buy precious metals was a huge selling point for me. He was very patient with me while i was trying to decide and I appreciated this very much.
Posted 3/7/2014

Danny T.
Thank you for your service
I heard american boullion through the radio and called in to talk to someone. My agent was awesome and helpful and got me through everything real easy. Just want to say thank you, they did me a great service.
Posted 3/7/2014

Rosa Lee P.
Kind of a hidden gem
I saw a few ads out there for them in wallstreet journal and online. I called around annd did research and american bullion ended up being my final choice. My agent was great with all my questions all the processing went smooth and the delivery wa... Read More »
Posted 3/5/2014

Jimmie W.
Know their talking points
The best thing about american bullion is their agents hands down. My agent answered every questions without hesitation. He was so confident, even when I asked some pretty tough questions. He explained hwo the market works and walked me through the... Read More »
Posted 3/5/2014

Darnell P.
Very good overall service
I called american boullion because they had a solid reputation, which I now realize is very well deserved. Their explanation of buying gold and their attentiveness throughout the rollover process was nothing short of special. I can't complain or t... Read More »
Posted 3/4/2014

Ramesh V.
Solid Reputation
Great communication skills, solid company. Working with Finis was a treat. Would definitely recommend them to others.
Posted 3/4/2014

Steven Gerald M.
US Military Supports American Bullion
As a recently retired U.S. Army officer, all our investments were tied up in the Thrift Savings Plan. We are not confident with the U.S. economy and we needed a way to diversify our portfolio. My wife and I decided to invest in gold and silver. We... Read More »
Posted 3/3/2014

Pete F.
Consistent Service
I've worked with and talked to my agent several time and I think he does a great job on all accounts. He's very straight forward with me aand gives me answers to my questions instead of blowing smoke. I wish more companies would be so forthcoming ... Read More »
Posted 2/28/2014

Dennis H.
Liked Working with Them
I looked at a few gold company options before settling on ameerican bullion. They seemed pretty reputable and I felt in my gut like they were a good choice. I had a lot of great talks with my agent and he helped me understand my options. Really gl... Read More »
Posted 2/27/2014

Ray O.
Diversified my funds
My agent really explained well what my optoins were with gold and silver and what to expect throughout the whole process. She did a great job and I'm really happy that I was able to find a company I could trust to help me diversify my portfolio a ... Read More »
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