American Radio Network

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This company's business is advertising in various sections of newspapers for positions as radio announcers, talkshow hosts and disc jockeys. The company collects a deposit of $98 at an orientation upon accepting an option to become an independent producer.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 9/4/2011

Review 9/4/2011
I have the empathy for the victims who had been taken to the cleaners by American Radio Network ("ARN"), but were able to contribute their valuable experience to help others like me. I was ripped off $1,000 by a lawyer from Radio Talk Show host Bi... Read More »
Posted 8/6/2011

Sherri P.
Review 8/6/2011
I was excited to start a new venture with ARN, but when I went to the orientation meeting what was spoken there was different from what was said in the first audition meeting. If you go to the audition he talks about the different phases. The 1st ... Read More »
Posted 6/19/2011

Drew W.
Review 6/19/2011
To all concerned. Be aware of the shady practices of this company. I went to the orientation meeting and noticed a young woman get up and leave about 20 minutes into the meeting. She obviously was the smartest person there. The sales pitch is very... Read More »
Posted 9/27/2010

Susan L.
Review 9/27/2010
Don't get sucked into attending their "Orientation & Audition" opportunity. It's listed under ARN, American Radio Network and the Kaleidascope Radio Magazine.

I answered an ad on Craig's List that mentioned announcers for the King Biscuit Flow... Read More »
Posted 1/16/2010

shar b.
Review 1/16/2010
American Radio Network is a complete and total scam. I am a radio professional and went to check it out in hopes of doing a few freelance jobs. Fortunately, I only spent 50 minutes there, which included a documentary on radio (red flags started ... Read More »
Posted 1/15/2010

Adrian C.
Review 1/15/2010
A scamming, deceitful organization. First of all, American Radio Network advertises employment for radio announcers for their "vast network", reeling you in, and then once you pay for your orientation, security deposit and contractually integrate... Read More »
Posted 3/15/2008

Review 3/15/2008
Scam.You have to pay them for your time in the studio which is such a joke. Don't do it. It won't make you any money and it won't give you any relevant experience or actual radio time. If you google them, the first site you'll find is theirs, whic... Read More »
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