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American Financial Realty & Mortgage Co., Inc. is a full service real estate and mortgage company specializing in new home purchases, new home mortgages, refinances and loan modifications.  
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Posted 5/9/2013

Richard P.
Now I am living the American Dream!! Thank you, thank you Amerifi.
My mortgage was killing me!! My property value dropped and I was underwater over $100k! My kids and I had put our roots down in this home and I did not want to lose it. I lived paycheck to paycheck and at times had to borrow just to make ends meet... Read More »
Posted 8/15/2014

Carolyn S.
I have been in my home for a little over six years and had been paying a very high interest rate relative to today's housing market. I believe in the power of prayer, thus I been praying for some time for guidance in seeking a loan modification. I... Read More »
Posted 8/14/2014

Brenda A.
Amerifi Saved My Homes!
At Amerifi I was more than a client. I was a person, and I could feel the support. Their team was great in helping me with loan modifications for two properties. One was my home, and the other property was the home of my son. This property was con... Read More »
Posted 8/12/2014

Ruth W.
AMERIFI IS TERRIFIC! I will recommend to anyone needing re modification!
After our father passed things were never the same. One day a co-worker mentioned to me about checking out AMERIFI. I was a little hesitate and talking to my husband I asked him if he would mind me checking Into them to see if they could help us! ... Read More »
Posted 8/7/2014

John M.
Listening to Amerifi was a HUGE mistake.
Listening to Amerifi was a HUGE mistake. I started working with them in April 2014. At the time we were paying our bills, but the amount of our debit was getting out of hand. They suggested that they could save us a ton of money on our mortgage, w... Read More »
Posted 7/21/2014

Sheila T.
Testimonial for Amerifi Mortgage - THANK YOU!!!
There aren’t enough words to express what Ryan Cook and Jennilee Maniquis have done for me when it comes to saving my two houses. It truly was a miracle that I was able to keep both of my houses. Anyone who has ever been through the nightmare of t... Read More »
Posted 7/14/2014

Joyce H.
Amerifi Mortgage Saved My Home from Foreclosure
My experience with two gentleman Rodger Mansourian and James Purvis has been extraordinary in doing a loan modification for my home. If it were not for these two men who are experts in their field I would have no home.Was this journey fearful in m... Read More »
Posted 5/22/2014

Robert W.
After two years of fail attempts to get help from several mortgage Companies to save our home. The Amerifi team of experts, Roger Mansourian, Sam Kay and Olivia Daskaloff rescued us from an underwater mortgage that we knew no way out except to wal... Read More »
Posted 5/4/2014

Judy L.
Need Help With Your Home Loan? Call Sam Kay at Amerfi Mortgage
I purchased my home at the height of the housing boom, right before the recession. Of course, I was soon underwater. I contacted several programs and companies seeking assistance but received only negative feedback. Sam Kay of Amerifi Mortgage con... Read More »
Posted 4/28/2014

Audrey R.
Josh Fitzgerald & Angelica Monroe; DREAM TEAM at Amerifi
Josh did a wonderful job with the modification of my loan. During the process, he made himself available by email, telephone or text. He was always keeping me up to date on where we were in the process. He reassured me on a regular basis; since I ... Read More »
Posted 4/17/2014

Yvette B.
I FINALLY See that light at the end of the tunnel!
Benjamin Brooks and James Purvis of Amerifi Mortgage are AWESOME! The Loan Modification they were able to get for me was beyond my expectations! The process took a little longer than I thought, but I couldn't have asked for a better outcome! I was... Read More »
Posted 4/14/2014

Jeanne V.
Samuel Sinclair is definitely the person to ask for.
I just got approved for a loan modification and am starting my trial payments starting May 1st,2014 on my personal residence. The monthly payment I got, turned out to be several hundred dollars less than what Amerifi had calculated! The reason I w... Read More »
Posted 4/1/2014

Victor C.
A Big Thank You to Edward Stern!
I wish to extend a big thank you to Amerif Mortgage and Edward Stern who handled my mortgage refinance. I was very nervous about this process but Edward Stern handled my case in a very professional way. He maintained an excellent line of communica... Read More »
Posted 3/17/2014

Pat M.
Usually I hang up on callers but Amerfi helped us keep our home
Thank you so much for working with Citicorp to get our payments down. After my car accident, where I broke my breast bone in half, crushed 1 vertebrae and broke 3 others. I tried to talk to them and get them to help me before our house was taken a... Read More »
Posted 3/10/2014

Mark K.
Amerifi saved my home A+++
I had loan of 500,000 at %7 percent. Which made me go under water after the economy, and my house was getting foreclosed on. Thankfully Mr. Paul Cohen from Amerifi Mortgage contacted me. Not only he saved my house from foreclosure, but he also wav... Read More »
Posted 2/22/2014

Chris L.
Best Financial Decision I've Ever Made
i purchased my house at the height of the housing boom ~ needless to say i paid far more than it was worth and got a poor loan to boot. Amerifi helped me to rectify the situation with the bank. I now have a fair loan at a fair price. I saved so mu... Read More »
Posted 11/21/2013

paul A.
Outstanding help in modifying mortgage
I give a 5 star rating to Amerifi Mortgage and Angelica Monroe who helped renegotiate a very complex, multimillion dollar mortgage. The process took several months but Amerifi kept every promise they made and hit every deadline. Angelica was very ... Read More »
Posted 11/21/2013

Stephen S.
Amerifi knows exactly what it takes to get your loan modified.
I was stuck at over 6% on my first, and over 8% on my second, and no-one would talk to me about refinancing due to a foreclosure on my rental house. Isaac and his team at Amerifi systematically carried me through the byzantine modification process... Read More »
Posted 11/17/2013

david s.
It Happened!
I had been calling around to get someone to help. I failed because of credit rating and because of what Wells Fargo had done to me when they refinanced the mortgage as a courtesy... it knocked me out of current HARP programs because that date was ... Read More »
Posted 11/14/2013

michael s.
I have exprience several company in the past trying to get my home modified
My name is Michael Stevenson an I would just like to express my gratitude and thanks for Amerifi and Mr. Rockman for there assistants with helping me get not only a 127,000 reduction in principal also a reduction in monthly payments from $2319.00 ... Read More »
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