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Posted 4/9/2014

Arise Disapointed
I recently took a class completed it and signed my SOW which is the agreement to work and it details out everything about the company you are servicing. Well I am about 4 weeks into this SOW (contract to work) and I get a revise to my SOW that the... Read More »
Posted 5/10/2013

amy c.
pissed off at Arise virtual solutions
Starting a class action anyone want to join us? My husband a top performer was terminated for no reason. They said high transfer but no proof any who he contracted with AT&T also a group of my friends was terminated as well so its not just him!
Posted 5/2/2013

Cassandra G.
Arise is a great opportunity
I am surprised by all the bad reviews. I am an IBO and have not experienced any of the issues being mentioned in a lot of the reviews. I would suggest you do your own research. The only issue I had was not receiving calls which wasn't an Arise iss... Read More »
Posted 5/2/2013

teresa g.
scamming using arise tech
you need to take some responsibility there are people or person or groups scamming using your company name for in home work and i am one that has been scammed out of 2000.00 i know you may or maynot be a part of these scams but im filing a law sui... Read More »
Posted 5/1/2013

Toni B.
Legit but no support
I have been with Arise for one client. Unfortunately the management has no idea what they are doing unless it is their intention to steal. They cannot track minutes, it's always the client's fault. They will take your fee and then find a reason to... Read More »
Posted 3/27/2013

This company is a complete joke
This is the third month that I have been working with this company as an IBO and it has been nothing but issue after issue. I am still waiting for them to pay me for service revenue from February and this last invoicing period the money has yet to... Read More »
Posted 3/7/2013

S A.
Mirage of a real Business-Don't fall for the Scam
Been employed with Arise since 2008. My departure is near. Checked my account and was not paid today! Per Arise our new pay dates are 7th & 25th of each month. Unfortunately, no email was sent from them notifying us agents that they will not b... Read More »
Posted 2/25/2013

Brenda R.
Arise Unprofessional
When I first heard about Arise I was excited. I created a company and jumped in with both feet. I registered and paid for training, 4 weeks at 20 hours a week and 15 hours of week of home work. I started with the client and was terminated a mon... Read More »
Posted 12/27/2012

Candy C.
Affter spending 5 weeks and 4 hours plus per day in training. I get a small time rejection letter from the Instructor that I am being terminated from the class. Right before nesting. I only wished she had informed me of this way before spending 5 ... Read More »
Posted 11/15/2012

Virtual C.
Arise Virtual Solutions
I find all the reviews to not give the right information to those that are inquiring on this company. The company does not charge an outrages upfront fee. What happens is you have the option of becoming and independent contractor or to work unde... Read More »
Posted 10/17/2012

Arise is the biggest scam there is out there. I was in unpaid training for Arise for 5 weeks and after the 5 weeks traning because of the iphone we all were taken out of training because of the high calling volume that Arise had. Arise took 5 week... Read More »
Posted 9/14/2012

Patricia L.
A very bad company
This company misrepresents their wages.They stated through their online conference chats and instructors , that they were paying an hourly rate for servicing AT&T, after investing a $200 plus fee to be trained for 9 weeks on this account, you disc... Read More »
Posted 9/4/2012

Melissa O.
Arise will take your money, then pay you pennies
Stay as far away from this company as you can. They make you pay for training, which is justified by them telling you that you will make that back upon certification. I can't begin to tell you how many people did not certify due to no fault of t... Read More »
Posted 6/28/2012

Don't be Fooled! Arise is a Terrible Company!
I've been with Arise for over two years now on a part-time basis. This is the worst company I have ever experienced. They have absolutely no interest in the agents ACP or aka IBO Partners. Its impossible to talk to a real person when you have i... Read More »
Posted 6/23/2012

N M.
They are a big scam on so many level. The let IBO steal from you. They steal from you in minutes. The staff is sooo rude that its unreal.
Posted 6/8/2012

trusted a.
Arise Lies!!!
I have been working for Arise for 4 years now. Yes, it is a legit work at home business. It is true you can create your own schedule, providing the shifts are available that you need. It is a good job for someone that needs to be at home with k... Read More »
Posted 5/19/2012

Tasha S.
I have been working for arise for a year now and the money is great every two weeks I take home between 800-1000 every TWO weeks. I work for the phone company and I love it. It gets easier with in a month once your used to the systems. I prefer w... Read More »
Posted 5/15/2012

Andrea M.
please read before spending the money!!
I have worked with Arise for over a year, I have spent $300.00 to start the corporation, 249.00 for my first class that only allowed me 5 hours per week, then spent another 269.50 for a new class the trainer said read this, take 15 min and read th... Read More »
Posted 12/1/2011

John D.
Anyone who has issues with Arise post to Rip Off Report dot com
Arise has had numerous complaints about their practices and policies, but seems to avoid any investigation. There are several complaints against them on Rip off Report dot com, and Arise seems to try to put forth effort in resolving these issues ... Read More »
Posted 10/25/2011

craig s.
Review 10/25/2011 I've worked for Arise for 6 months. I can tell you that the company I work for is AT&T Mobility. They mix and match stats so they will pay you the lower tier of pay. I got paid based off of a score. One mon... Read More »
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