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We are a publisher of entertainment software.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 7/20/2011
Review 7/20/2011
I am an avid gamer and I have played many many games over the years and build my own PC's to play th... Read More »
Posted 7/1/2011
Review 7/1/2011
Like many others, I have some major issues with Blizzard Entertainment: [1] - False and misleading i... Read More »
Posted 5/5/2011
Review 5/5/2011
Well I will try to make this as short and to the point as possible, however there are so many t... Read More »
Posted 4/7/2011
Review 4/7/2011
Horrible customer service. Complete and utter censorship (of non-offensive material). Recently, I h... Read More »
Posted 4/6/2011
Review 4/6/2011
Quality products. The customer service is mediocre at best and forum moderators are oppressive and c... Read More »
Posted 1/24/2011
Review 1/24/2011
This companies customer service is horrible. After I canceled my membership I was still charged for ... Read More »
Posted 1/7/2011
Review 1/7/2011
Double talk, two face, liars...that is the best I can say for this company. I began talking with the... Read More »
Posted 11/11/2010
Review 11/11/2010
world of warcraft has always been a buggy and poorly supported game, but the fun factor kept me in i... Read More »
Posted 10/29/2010
Review 10/29/2010
Until very recently I had enjoyed the products and services of Blizzard entertainment. When they wen... Read More »
Posted 10/21/2010
Review 10/21/2010
Yes I have a complaint. Blizzard had finally went live with their new patch 4.0.1...It's been over a... Read More »
Posted 10/13/2010
Review 10/13/2010
I've been playing World of Warcraft for approximately 5 years. I was recently hacked and after repo... Read More »
Posted 10/11/2010
Review 10/11/2010
Blizzard is very difficult to get ahold of. They send links allowing children to activate new accoun... Read More »
Posted 10/10/2010
Review 10/10/2010
I have been a customer for 5 years now. My account was taken over by an unauthorized party twice. My... Read More »
Posted 9/29/2010
Review 9/29/2010
Before the merge of all WoW accounts to they were quite a reputable company. However toda... Read More »
Posted 9/24/2010
Review 9/24/2010
Wow, the nerd rage! I'm a daily player and I don't suffer lag like some people complain about. Perh... Read More »
Posted 9/11/2010
Review 9/11/2010
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE RECEIVED FROM ANY COMPANY EVER. I have been using this company's pr... Read More »
Posted 9/9/2010
Review 9/9/2010
I will start by saying that I was genuinely shocked to check up on Blizzard Entertainment's BBB rati... Read More »
Posted 8/24/2010
Review 8/24/2010
Concerned parents and anyone else who cares about human decency in the game environment should avoid... Read More »
Posted 8/24/2010
Review 8/24/2010
I believe this company makes lots of money by making fraudulent charges to people's accounts. I had ... Read More »
Posted 8/11/2010
Review 8/11/2010
Back in 9/2009 I had stopped playing WoW. Last month I was asked by a friend if I was back in WoW be... Read More »
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