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This company's nature of business is offering music and talk show promotions via radio.  
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Posted 7/24/2013

wendy W.
Hi I am a helper in the office
I am a paid helper in the Bryan Farrish office in Santa Monica. I sit at the same desks next to the promoters, reports people, and other sales people here (there are some sub-lease people too!). I hear all the work they do calling radio stations a... Read More »
Posted 1/30/2013

Mohsen A.
Highly Recommended!
I am sharing the work-space with Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion team. They have made a very cool and energetic office environment, they are dedicated to their work making phone calls through out the day and working in this office made me understand... Read More »
Posted 12/19/2012

doug n.
positive review
I'm far from being an expert on radio promotion , but they got a hard sell like ME played , I'd say they're well competent . Very professional and likeable staff too , I'm happy with their work .
Posted 12/17/2012

David L.
I got results.
"Bryan Farrish Promotion got me radio airplay and national charting for my album that I couldn't have gotten any other way. They delivered, and June was very professional, and a pleasure to work with."
Posted 9/17/2012

Stephen P.
Can't speak highly enough...
As a songwriter and recording artist promoting and marketing my music has been my biggest challenge. I turned to Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion for my last three albums with each receiving increased attention and airplay. For the first time as a... Read More »
Posted 6/29/2012

Liz Z.
Did exactly what they promised
I liked the pitch--explaining what they do and not making any extravagant promises--and signed up for a campaign I could afford. The folks at Bryan Farrish did exactly what they said they'd do: quickly identified 75 or 80 stations that played musi... Read More »
Posted 3/26/2012

Olivia M.
The people with whom I worked they were very professional and they love so much their work. I learned a lot with that, the passion for your work and they always showed great optimism and great professionalism. The environment was always good to wo... Read More »
Posted 2/19/2012

Frank S.
Unhappy Customer
Are you thinking about promoting your record to secondary radio, such as the FMQB AC, HOT AC or CHR charts? We hired Mr. Farrish's company to do that in 2011 and have demanded a refund of the amount we paid.

The good news was, Farrish got the... Read More »
Posted 2/2/2012

Stephan S.
Radio campaign for Deeper Still
After a long fight with cancer my wife Karen Sibilia passed away in 2011. In her last year she recorded a CD, "Deeper Still". The title song is a standout and I knew my wife left me a treasure I had to share. After months of attempting to promote ... Read More »
Posted 1/19/2012

Karen M.
This Company Seems BOGUS
I am a NonCommercial + College radio promoter with a ton of experience in this field, and have dealt with hundreds of stations in my years and have seen a great number of my projects achieve extremely high success rates. This company, Bryan Farris... Read More »
Posted 12/23/2011

Roy B.
Very Appreciative
Dear, wonderful people at " Bryan Farrish Promotions " And I do mean wonderful;... An organization can most often be judged by the fruit that it bears and the personnel it employs to represent itself. Scripture states that only a good tree can pro... Read More »
Posted 11/28/2011

Band M.
Not a competitor...
Hmm... not sure what the problem is, except for obvious competitors of theirs posting fake bad reviews (like the one by "Jack M" a few posts below mine, on 11/21/2011). I was a client of theirs a while ago and was happy with results. They contact... Read More »
Posted 11/26/2011

Rev Tina R.
Review 11/26/2011
APTGJHG I’ve been blessed with the privilege to speak with Kendra of Bryan Farrish Promotions on several occasions and found her to be a very helpful , knowledgeable and extremely professional person in the field of promotions. All the informat... Read More »
Posted 11/25/2011

Griff A.
Review 11/25/2011
I had the pleasure of dealing with Kendra, in regards to one of my recording artist. I got a response no later than the following business day, with a full action plan. Lot of people in the industry... talkers. Kendra is the real deal and Bryan Fa... Read More »
Posted 11/22/2011

Morten B.
Review 11/22/2011
Mike Davis, from Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion, is a true professional. And super kind too. He guided our band One Nation Under A Groove in a perfect way, and helped us through the radiowaves to our success. Our album "Guardian Angel" is "on air" ... Read More »
Posted 10/2/2011

Stan F.
Review 10/2/2011
I have been in the music business for over 20 years. I've dealt with club owners, booking agents, radio stations and the like. My experience has been similar attempting to make deals with all of them. They were only interested in you if you had a ... Read More »
Posted 9/15/2011

Jim B.
Review 9/15/2011
I used Brian Farrish RP to help promote my first album. I found them to be very professional, and they did exactly what they said they would do and at the price first quoted. Kendra was great, very proactive and easy to work with. Ended up with a ... Read More »
Posted 7/13/2011

Paz d.
Review 7/13/2011
As a composer and pianist,I can assure after having met Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion and worked together in recent months, that the radio campaign has worked perfectly, they are great professionals and will come first in my projects and my bear f... Read More »
Posted 7/6/2011

Jesse P.
Review 7/6/2011
Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion fast, reliable and at your service. My experience with Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion was an exceptional one. Mike Davis provided excellent customer service and provided reliable assistance with our Radio Promotion ca... Read More »
Posted 6/29/2011

Mike W.
Review 6/29/2011
I play in the band SAGE4 and have been talking to Kendra at Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion for over a year now. She's always been helpful, quick to reply and fun to talk to. I would recommend working with Kendra if you want someone that cares about... Read More »
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