C M R E Financial Services Inc.

Brea , CA 92821
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This company's business is providing collection agency services.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 3/9/2013
Horrible company
Unbelievable conversation with rep trying to pay a large medical bill. The hospital agreed to a low... Read More »
Posted 6/12/2011
Review 6/12/2011
I paid off my balance at a "discounted" rate...next thing I'm in collections for $29.00! Thx a lot a... Read More »
Posted 5/11/2011
Review 5/11/2011
This company put an erroneous medical bill on my credit report and refuses to correct it. I never r... Read More »
Posted 3/30/2011
Review 3/30/2011
I made contact with this company about a medical bill for my son whom is a student in high school wi... Read More »
Posted 2/23/2011
Review 2/23/2011
As a former employee at CMRE, let me first apologize to anyone that I spoke to and offended, my name... Read More »
Posted 2/10/2011
Review 2/10/2011
I called about a bill I had from my hospital visit in Las Vegas. The guy I got was actually very nic... Read More »
Posted 11/12/2010
Review 11/12/2010
This company is a complete joke! I received a bill from them when I called for details I got a very ... Read More »
Posted 11/9/2010
Review 11/9/2010
I actually have had an okay experience with this company. At first they were sending their bills and... Read More »
Posted 6/24/2010
Review 6/24/2010
I was promised by two different representatives that If I paid a 200.00 interest in addition to my b... Read More »
Posted 4/14/2009
Review 4/14/2009
I recieved a bill from crme. when i called them to pay in full amount I got 4 diffrent customer care... Read More »
Posted 2/24/2009
Review 2/24/2009
I reecived a bill from Newport Harbor Radiology after I paid $800 for my memogram. I didn't want to... Read More »
Posted 1/28/2009
Review 1/28/2009
CMRE did not have my correct address. I got their threatening letter by accident. I contacted them o... Read More »
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