C M R E Financial Services Inc.

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This company's business is providing collection agency services.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 3/9/2013

Kevin K.
Horrible company
Unbelievable conversation with rep trying to pay a large medical bill. The hospital agreed to a low no-interest payment over about 7 years. When CMRE took over, the rep stated he could not put this agreement in writing unless the bill is paid of... Read More »
Posted 6/12/2011

Simone L.
Review 6/12/2011
I paid off my balance at a "discounted" rate...next thing I'm in collections for $29.00! Thx a lot and trust me I will get this resolved
Posted 5/11/2011

Deanna H.
Review 5/11/2011
This company put an erroneous medical bill on my credit report and refuses to correct it. I never received a bill from the medical company, and they do not have any contact information for the medical company. All they would say was that I must ... Read More »
Posted 3/30/2011

Sandra E.
Review 3/30/2011
I made contact with this company about a medical bill for my son whom is a student in high school without a job (yes he is 19 years old)and currently covered by my insurance. I just wanted to find out what I could do to help him resolve the matter... Read More »
Posted 2/23/2011

K C.
Review 2/23/2011
As a former employee at CMRE, let me first apologize to anyone that I spoke to and offended, my name is mentioned on the reviews from quite along time ago. This is a tough job and have had many debtors scream and cuss at me over my time there, thi... Read More »
Posted 2/10/2011

Amanda S.
Review 2/10/2011
I called about a bill I had from my hospital visit in Las Vegas. The guy I got was actually very nice. He told me that the hospital told them to cancel the request for me to pay my bill, but it didn't state why. Obviously thats a good thing, but n... Read More »
Posted 11/12/2010

Janine H.
Review 11/12/2010
This company is a complete joke! I received a bill from them when I called for details I got a very ignorant and rude rep named Manana, after arguing with her I spoke with a manager got my info and paid the bill in full on 10/5/10 taken from my ba... Read More »
Posted 11/9/2010

Trevor K.
Review 11/9/2010
I actually have had an okay experience with this company. At first they were sending their bills and notices to my university's campus with my mother's name on them, so they were being returned to sender. Once I finally caught the mistake, I calle... Read More »
Posted 6/24/2010

alina s.
Review 6/24/2010
I was promised by two different representatives that If I paid a 200.00 interest in addition to my balance, that they would have this bill removed from my credit report in 3-5 business days. Not only did they not follow through with our agreement,... Read More »
Posted 4/14/2009

alle l.
Review 4/14/2009
I recieved a bill from crme. when i called them to pay in full amount I got 4 diffrent customer care agents including 1 supervisor who were the most rude,manipulating individuals I have ever dealt with. Shame on this company and any firms who use ... Read More »
Posted 2/24/2009

Chiayin M.
Review 2/24/2009
I reecived a bill from Newport Harbor Radiology after I paid $800 for my memogram. I didn't want to pay anyone claimed they looked at my images. So they sent me to CMRE. The company is filled with miserable women when I contact them. The recep... Read More »
Posted 1/28/2009

Gelena S.
Review 1/28/2009
CMRE did not have my correct address. I got their threatening letter by accident. I contacted them on the phone, spoke with unprofessional/incompetent/rude person, Lucy. She told me that she is the supervisor, her full name is Lucy Sims, so I did ... Read More »
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