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This company's business is providing credit or financing for medical procedures.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 11/13/2012

Sophia M.
Complain to the Federal Trade Commission re Deceptive Practices!
I have also had a bad experience with Care Credit. Many of the things you have said you experienced are as similar to mine that I would have thought I wrote the review. The link to the Federal Trade Commission's consumer complaint form is below.... Read More »
Posted 8/6/2012

JessicaM M.
be aware of care credit!!
care credit is very misleading. used them and chase in the past and was really unhappy with fees and especially int rate. My doctor just recently told me to use a company called they are soo much better .i have had many procedure... Read More »
Posted 3/7/2012

Deanna L.
Be Aware :((((((
Fees after fees after fees! Read fine print and have it reviewed by a legal representative. Customer service less then willing to help.
If anyone knows of a class action law suite against CareCredit please contact me....BE Aware!!!!!
Posted 11/22/2011

Michelle G.
Review 11/22/2011
As a senior citizen recent cosmetic surgeon patient who had the option of either putting surgical fees on several credit cards, or charging it on one Care Credit card, after explaining to the doctors office my intention of transferring a majority ... Read More »
Posted 6/10/2011

Mae M.
Review 6/10/2011
Beware in using this service. I wasn't watching the due date and we got hit with a $450 %29.9 APR interest fee after one year. The customer service reps are no help, I asked several questions and she said to "Go and ask your service provider" ab... Read More »
Posted 5/27/2011

Sara H.
Review 5/27/2011
HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE customer service. While I disagree with the horrible interest rate and other sneaky "fees", that was my own fault for not reading the fine print....while at the dentist, in terrible pain, not sure how to pay for the n... Read More »
Posted 3/24/2011

Vicki W.
Review 3/24/2011
I am very dissastisfied with my experience with GE Money. The website offers no physical address to which correspondence can be directed. The telephone services are not user friendly if the user wants to speak to a customer representative. The cus... Read More »
Posted 3/23/2011

Penny G.
Review 3/23/2011
Has anyone had had an issue with GE CareCredit and their website'S auto-pay option? I turned off my autopay thinking it would turn off the next month's due date (initially wanted to increase payment amount). Unfortunately, it turned off during t... Read More »
Posted 2/17/2011

susan h.
Review 2/17/2011
Well, there are too many details to go into but I have experienced all of them that the other people have described. The no interest for 6 months...but conveniently they didn't receive the payment so now we have to pay it. I have tried to make m... Read More »
Posted 2/5/2011

Desirey L.
Review 2/5/2011
My issue is that I cannot get a hold of someone to discuss my account. Yes, it may be a weekend, but a Friday error that doesn't show up until Saturday cannot be resolved or even discussed until Monday. There isn't an email address in the contact ... Read More »
Posted 1/6/2011

sam s.
Review 1/6/2011
My issue with Care Credit is doctors offices are very quick to encourage you to use them when you are at your most pain, sitting at a doctors office, unsure of how you are going to pay, and looking at a large medical bill. What was... Read More »
Posted 6/26/2010

Stephanie C.
Review 6/26/2010
I have never experienced the level of chicanery that Care Credit employs. We opened our account May 10th, 2010 for our dog's knee surgery. Near the end of May, I made an early payment online (the only way you can make a payment without a fee) onl... Read More »
Posted 6/8/2010

Pamela M.
Review 6/8/2010
I used Care Credit (GE Money Bank) to pay for my pet's two surgeries. For the first one, everything went fine. The problems started to happen after the second surgery. We made the first payment by mail at least a week before the deadline. When I g... Read More »
Posted 4/6/2010

Raeann K.
Review 4/6/2010
CareCredit is a Joke!! After a month of calling close to everyday. An not being able to talk to a supervisor or getting the right information I am still waiting for my refund!!!! My story! I decided to sign up for online bill payment with care cre... Read More »
Posted 3/16/2010

Amanda H.
Review 3/16/2010
I have been a promptly paying customer of Care Credit (GE Money Bank) for over two years now. I have been working to pay this account off, making steady increases in the amounts that I am paying every month and always sending my payments in at th... Read More »
Posted 3/13/2010

Patricia G.
Review 3/13/2010
I signed up with Care Credit for specialized, ongoing veterinary care. The 0% interest for varying terms---from 3 months to 18 months, (depending on a veterinarian's program choice), seemed an ideal solution for larger vet bills but I'm finding th... Read More »
Posted 1/13/2010

Daisy N.
Review 1/13/2010
When I financed my medical procedure, I was relieved to apply for CareCredit's promotional interest-free 18-month payment plan. The first payment was made two weeks after my procedure. To ensure I never missed a payment, I scheduled the next 17 ... Read More »
Posted 12/30/2009

Catherine C.
Review 12/30/2009
I have read the reviews listed, and I am sorry to say that they are all true. I want to join a class action lawsuit, too. I used care credit to take care of my cat who had been diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue. It was a ve... Read More »
Posted 11/20/2009

Care C.
Review 11/20/2009
Here is a representative of Care Credit who contacted our company.
Posted 3/16/2009

Review 3/16/2009
First off I just want to say, if anyone knows how I can get in on a class action suit, please contact me and let me know. If you're sending letters to this company make sure you send them 'return receipt requested' or certified mail. You have to b... Read More »
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