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Costa Mesa , CA 92626
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This company's business is providing credit or financing for medical procedures.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 11/13/2012
Complain to the Federal Trade Commission re Deceptive Practices!
I have also had a bad experience with Care Credit. Many of the things you have said you experienced... Read More »
Posted 8/6/2012
be aware of care credit!!
care credit is very misleading. used them and chase in the past and was really unhappy with fees and... Read More »
Posted 3/7/2012
Be Aware :((((((
Fees after fees after fees! Read fine print and have it reviewed by a legal representative. Customer... Read More »
Posted 11/22/2011
Review 11/22/2011
As a senior citizen recent cosmetic surgeon patient who had the option of either putting surgical fe... Read More »
Posted 6/10/2011
Review 6/10/2011
Beware in using this service. I wasn't watching the due date and we got hit with a $450 %29.9 APR ... Read More »
Posted 5/27/2011
Review 5/27/2011
HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE customer service. While I disagree with the horrible interest rate and... Read More »
Posted 3/24/2011
Review 3/24/2011
I am very dissastisfied with my experience with GE Money. The website offers no physical address to ... Read More »
Posted 3/23/2011
Review 3/23/2011
Has anyone had had an issue with GE CareCredit and their website'S auto-pay option? I turned off my... Read More »
Posted 2/17/2011
Review 2/17/2011
Well, there are too many details to go into but I have experienced all of them that the other people... Read More »
Posted 2/5/2011
Review 2/5/2011
My issue is that I cannot get a hold of someone to discuss my account. Yes, it may be a weekend, but... Read More »
Posted 1/6/2011
Review 1/6/2011
My issue with Care Credit is doctors offices are very quick to encourage you to use them when you ar... Read More »
Posted 6/26/2010
Review 6/26/2010
I have never experienced the level of chicanery that Care Credit employs. We opened our account May... Read More »
Posted 6/8/2010
Review 6/8/2010
I used Care Credit (GE Money Bank) to pay for my pet's two surgeries. For the first one, everything ... Read More »
Posted 4/6/2010
Review 4/6/2010
CareCredit is a Joke!! After a month of calling close to everyday. An not being able to talk to a su... Read More »
Posted 3/16/2010
Review 3/16/2010
I have been a promptly paying customer of Care Credit (GE Money Bank) for over two years now. I hav... Read More »
Posted 3/13/2010
Review 3/13/2010
I signed up with Care Credit for specialized, ongoing veterinary care. The 0% interest for varying t... Read More »
Posted 1/13/2010
Review 1/13/2010
When I financed my medical procedure, I was relieved to apply for CareCredit's promotional interest-... Read More »
Posted 12/30/2009
Review 12/30/2009
I have read the reviews listed, and I am sorry to say that they are all true. I want to join a clas... Read More »
Posted 11/20/2009
Review 11/20/2009
Here is a representative of Care Credit who contacted our company.
Posted 3/16/2009
Review 3/16/2009
First off I just want to say, if anyone knows how I can get in on a class action suit, please contac... Read More »
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