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We are an experienced Tax Defense and Tax Debt Resolution Company and we will conduct a thorough State and IRS Tax Debt Investigation of personal or business financial situations in order to determine the tax debt settlement options available to you.  
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Posted 2/2/2012

My best move ever !!!!
When I started with "Community Tax Relief" I was in very bad shape financially. I was very afraid of getting involved in a scam. After working with this company for 6 short months, I am happy to see all my hopes of having this situation behind... Read More »
Posted 8/3/2014

Kevin M.
Community Tax Relief was outstanding with the experienced necessary to settle my tax problems. Im happy I decided to use them and look forward to their continued service in the future.
Posted 7/30/2014

Connie B.
Community Tax Relief
We weren't sure what to do when we got a notice from the IRS about our taxes. My husband seen CTR's number on TV so I called and we got started. It was a long haul, but they stuck with us and we finally got it all taken care of. Now we can get thi... Read More »
Posted 7/21/2014

Geneva E.
IRS Debt Resolution
Community Tax Relief didn't just talk a good game about resolving issues with the IRS, they ACTUALLY did it. And therefore, I highly recommend their services to others!
Posted 4/24/2014

Tanya L.
Community Tax Relief was fantastic.
Community Tax RElief was fantastic in helping me to resolve my tax debt. They were patient, professional and able to systematically work through the paperwork and procedures needed to resolve my debt.
Posted 4/9/2014

Leslie M.
Kudos to Daniel Urban/ Community Tax Relief
Daniel Urban with Community Tax Relief gave us a new lease on life. Daniel and his team were able to come through for Ron and was able to settle with the IRS for his back taxes of $120,000 with an Offer in Compromise of $500.00! They came through ... Read More »
Posted 3/13/2014

Ann Marie C.
Positive Result -- Thank you Daniel Urban
I would highly recommend the services of Community Tax Relief. My Tax Director of Resolutions, Daniel Urban, who is result driven, has done a brilliant job resolving my pending tax matters. Daniel Urban takes pride in his vast knowledge and experi... Read More »
Posted 3/6/2014

Tonja G.
Community Tax Relief has been an answer to my prayers.
The efforts of Jennifer Schaffer and the team assigned to my case have exceeded my greatest expectations. My tax issues have been resolved to my delight. I highly recommend this organization of dedicated professionals to everyone with an accountin... Read More »
Posted 2/28/2014

Carol S.
Exceeded My Expectations
When I signed on with CTR six months ago I was skeptical--was CTR really going to assist me resolving my tax isssues. They have exceeded all my expectations. Jeremy Brunner has been a true professional and great to work with. CTR explains in full ... Read More »
Posted 2/10/2014

Rhonda G.
I would like to say a special thank you to Daniel Urban, along with the (Community Tax Relief) team for such a successful outcome with my recent tax situation. He was very informative with information that i needed. Daniel was prompt in returning ... Read More »
Posted 11/16/2013

Diana C.
Rescued from a terrible situation.
We were in dire straits when we first found CTR. Hadn't filed taxes for 7 years and this was late 2008. I'm a recovering alcoholic & I drank for a long time and did not pay attention to our finances at all. I was fired from a 22 yr. job; my hu... Read More »
Posted 10/30/2013

Sarah B.
CTR was in our corner.
Our experience with Community Tax Relief has been a very enlightening journey. We had quite a large tax liability which included FICA on my income because we had not incorporated our business in the beginning. There was also tax due on unfiled ret... Read More »
Posted 10/1/2013

Jeff H.
Thank You Daniel
For years I've dealt unsuccessfully with the IRS and in 1 short year Daniel Urban and the Community Tax Relief Team has accomplished what I could not in 10 years. Great Team, I will recommend them to any/all of my friends who are wrongfully shackl... Read More »
Posted 7/25/2013

john c.
Recommendation of Daniel Urban of Community tax Relief
My name is John Covan. My tax Burden was overwhelming and under the current circumstances was proving to be an impossible burden to overcome. With the help of Daniel Urban of Community Tax Relief I was fortunate to receive the help and guidance I ... Read More »
Posted 7/20/2013

candi r.
Positive Relief from CTR
I searched the internet for a service to advocate for me with the IRS.CTR was professional and understanding from the beginning to the end. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance in resolving tax issues. The staff was very help... Read More »
Posted 7/17/2013

Jose L.
Community Tax Relief Support
Community Tax Relief was absolutely one of the best decisions I have ever made. After over a year of confusing letters from both the IRS and State claims they were able to help me clear over $30,000 in back taxes and penalty's. They were even able... Read More »
Posted 6/6/2013

allen b.
helping me with my tax prblem
thank you community tax people for all you did in helping me with my tax problem and making it easy to deal with the i.r.s people
Posted 6/5/2013

Wayne G.
Community Tax Relief Save Me!
I was laid off from my job in March 2013 and was not in a good financial situation at the time. The very next day, I received a notice from the IRS stating that I owe them $12,000 for the year 2011. I was devastated and didn’t know where to turn f... Read More »
Posted 6/5/2013

Bill P.
Look no more this is your answer
Community Tax Relief, LLC Is Excellent I cant express the gratitude I have for Community Tax Relief. They are the ones to call.If you got tax problems. The fees are within your budget and the results are great. They don't give up, and they will ge... Read More »
Posted 6/4/2013

Leona M.
Best Tax Company Hands Down
I used Community Tax Relief for a ongoing tax problem that I had. Key Word HAD! I worked on the situation with Daniel Urban Esq at CTR and my problems with the IRS were solved faster than I expected, the outcome was better than I could have possib... Read More »
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