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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 11/14/2013

M F.
All wrong.....misleading
You get your 3 credit bureaus once for the fee of $9.95. after that you will be charged a monthly fee of the same, but have no more access to anything other the front page. Why the mo fee, it is misleading. I cancelled on 11-10-2013 and spoke with... Read More »
Posted 8/30/2013

Amy F.
Isn't cut out to be what I was told.
I signed up several months ago with an understanding that I would be able to access all 3 credit reports and scores of which I received when I initially joined. Have just signed in today to find out I would have to pay an additional $32.95 to get ... Read More »
Posted 8/20/2013

Jessica D.
The score history is just an estimate
After a few months of paying for the service I logged on back on the site to see if any changes have occurred. I looked at the score history and according to what it said my score has stayed the same since I log on last( 6 months ago). So, I decid... Read More »
Posted 7/2/2013

Curtis H.
Does exactly what they say they do..
For all the people giving this company a bad rep, I don't get it. It is your fault for not reading their terms and conditions, this is actually a good company and they have a wonderful staff. I am a 25 year old male trying to fix my credit and the... Read More »
Posted 6/27/2013

Lacie M.
Not good
When I paid for a credit score. I was signed up for a monthly contract that I had no idea about until I saw the charge on my credit card. Not a good company.
Posted 6/3/2013

Lee B. is not legit
First off, even though you are led to believe that you are receiving a full credit report and credit score from, you are not. will only give you the experian score which isn't widely used. You have to pay to get the... Read More »
Posted 1/17/2013

Unexpected Charges
Upon learning of the issue stated below, I called the company 1-877 number and was assisted by a rep named RHONDA. Ms. Rhonda was very helpful and remember, we all have a job to do, so she went through the obligatory process of asking me if I was ... Read More »
Posted 9/10/2012

Kelly M.
It says on their home page that their fee is $12.95 per month and will be charged every month until it is cancelled. I received my credit card bill and was charged $31.95 on four different occasions. They do not tell you there will be any addition... Read More »
Posted 8/17/2012

Cynthia W.
Watch out
Your basic membership does NOT get you your credit scores. If you want those you'll pay 31.95 (up from the 29.95 that other reviewers have paid). I clicked the link but was not warned that I'd be paying that fee. I feel there is not adequate warni... Read More »
Posted 7/23/2012

Nicole J
Resolved issue
Resolved issue
Posted 6/28/2012

Tia B.
I have had my account now for about 6 months and recently forgot my password so I called in and asked to reset it. that same day my account was charged the monthly fee of 12.95 which wasnt an issue until I found out my account was ... Read More »
Posted 5/10/2012

Stephanie M
Complaint resolved quickly and handled better than expected
This company resolved my issue quickly, fully and with an apology, which says a lot for them. Initially I had a normal cancellation request but the company's employee that I spoke with refused to cancel my order or let me speak to a supervisor / ... Read More »
Posted 12/5/2011

Grace S
Excellent prompt response by both and BBB Trustlink
In the beginning I had thought was a money scam that automatically debited my credit card account when I had first spoke with representative Ann. When I called again the next day at and spoke with Dennis, he listen... Read More »
Posted 10/20/2011

Steven T.
Review 10/20/2011
Thank you for not resolving my issue in a timely manner. No business in the world runs smoothly all the time and misunderstandings always happen. So no thank you for not giving me the benefit of the doubt. Credit Score is not a good credit montori... Read More »
Posted 9/22/2011

Richard T.
Review 9/22/2011 9Irvine, California) placed two fraudulent charges on my Visa. I found one on my August statement, and found out about the other when I contacted Visa fraud. They apparently get card numbers and place charges while posing as Experi... Read More »
Posted 6/20/2011

Allison A.
Review 6/20/2011
I signed up for the seven day trial to view the experian report in which they are partnered with. I reviewed the credit report and the next day there was a $1.00 charge and a 29.95 charge. It didn't make any sense because the membership was 12.95/... Read More »
Posted 4/1/2011

katie s.
Review 4/1/2011
I agree with the previous reviewer. This is very deceptive! I too paid the 12.95 and was under the assumption I would revieve all 3 credit reports and scores. Well, all I got was an overall credit summary, not the actual credit report. When I trie... Read More »
Posted 3/22/2011

Gabriele P.
Review 3/22/2011
Very Deceptive!!! I was looking for a credit score service online. I studied several websites. Few of them are very upfront with the actual fees that will be charged.'s home page makes it look like you will have access to 3 credit... Read More »
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