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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 6/6/2013

Biased world of warcraft players
Sadly I have seen this happen before. People are harassing this comp. because the are dedicated and closed-minded to World of Worldcraft players. And if it had a lot of glitches it's because it's not a AAA industry. I think most of the hate messag... Read More »
Posted 5/19/2013

Lothar L.
Terrible Game company
I downloaded Neverwinter and thought it was going to be more of a Dungeons and Dragons game. However it is more of a way to get $$ off of players. They wanted 199.00USD for a "Founders" kit and thank god I didn't buy it. They tout all the goodies ... Read More »
Posted 2/7/2012

Gary W.
The Worst Company Making MMOs
I wish I could give them 0 stars. Their rep called Stormshade edited my signature on the forums because I broke the 5 line rule. That's fine. I was unaware of the rule so I was wrong there. But the problem came from his edit to fit the 5 line rul... Read More »
Posted 8/21/2011

Brent L.
Review 8/21/2011
After scanning through the majority of company reviews here on the list, I am pleased to know that I am not the only angry customer that has been done wrong by this company, and in knowing this, I will gladly state this: Cryptic Studios is absolu... Read More »
Posted 4/28/2011

David M.
Review 4/28/2011
Cryptic Studios is a horrible company to deal with. Customer service is the worst there is. I have seen it take up to 3 weeks for customer service rep to answer and if they do respond they will try to get you to break the ELUA then punish you for ... Read More »
Posted 3/24/2011

W D S.
Review 3/24/2011
I submitted a request for a refund for my life time membership back in 09 for Champions Online. I was denied because of my play time spent in the "free month" attempting to debug the game to make it a good investment. I also submitted a complaint ... Read More »
Posted 8/16/2010

Chrisanne C.
Review 8/16/2010
*Customer Beware* Cryptic Studios is the definition of a bait and switch company. They baited their loyal customers into buying multiple copies of the game to get game items that were supposed to be exclusive for purchasing from certain stores. ... Read More »
Posted 6/25/2010

Aaron W.
Review 6/25/2010
I've been with STO since OB. The game was, at launch, buggy and slightly unstable, just like any other MMO or any other PC game I've played at launch. Cryptic got the majority of the bugs ironed out and server stability improved greatly.I haven'... Read More »
Posted 6/19/2010

Ben S.
Review 6/19/2010
This company I just cant trust to put out a quality product. They have the development time for their games that are less than some.. if not most single player console games. I have a lot I want to say about Cryptic and Star Trek Online. Though... Read More »
Posted 6/14/2010

Lia C.
Review 6/14/2010
Money hungry company that doesn't care about customers. Star Trek Online was released too early, the developers readily admitted this. Latest scheme is to release pre-order, collector's edition, and lifetime subscription "exclusive", "unique", bon... Read More »
Posted 6/10/2010

jim f.
Review 6/10/2010
Cryptic studios is a terrible company to do business with wish I had come here first and then they wouldn't have been able to scam me. Star trek wasn't ready at release for the first month or so constant server crashes takes days to get a response... Read More »
Posted 5/1/2010

David C.
Review 5/1/2010
This company doesnot respond to problems in a timely manner
Posted 4/14/2010

Old Gamer
Review 4/14/2010
I have been dealing with gaming companies for a long time and Cryptic Studios has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Any one thinking of doing business with this company should be very weary. I have had 5 separate, non-related CS ... Read More »
Posted 3/30/2010

Vance M.
Review 3/30/2010
***BUYER BEWARE***This company provides inferior and incomplete products that are not as advertised. Their customer service is piss poor and they will refuse refunds. If they offer you a special bonus item, you are better off throwing yourself i... Read More »
Posted 3/8/2010

Donald D.
Review 3/8/2010
Cryptic Studios hypes its products to excess and releases them incomplete and vastly different from that which was advertised. The game Star Trek Online had many promised features not included in the final product. They charge you upfront for serv... Read More »
Posted 2/15/2010

Jay D.
Review 2/15/2010
Star Trek Online was sold as retail even though it clearly was not a retail product. Plenty of the games functions at release were not working. This would be the same as paying for a car without bumpers and missing a door. The car might drive but... Read More »
Posted 1/30/2010

R.M W.
Review 1/30/2010
I find that the rating is Biased since you can only submit a complaint personally I have found that Cryptic has one of the best customer responses in the MMO world
Posted 1/28/2010

Sean T.
Review 1/28/2010
This company produces enjoyable games. They have proven to listen to beta testers in regards to changes that should be made or content added. The games may not have as much content as some people would like, but they have sufficient content for ... Read More »
Posted 11/28/2009

Bob T.
Review 11/28/2009
This is a response to Turkey's review. First, as with all MMOs, the product in question ("Champions Online") is susceptible to change during gameplay, and Cryptic explicitly reserves the right to make changes in the Terms of Agreement. Second, r... Read More »
Posted 11/28/2009

Review 11/28/2009
Dubious business practices. Players were offered invitations to participate in Open Beta of one of their products as part of a pre-order offer, along with a 3 day "Head Start" program. Cryptic did not alter the game during open beta, nor during ... Read More »
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