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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 7/24/2013

Steve W.
Absolutely horable
I seem to be having the same issues as a lot of people here. Upgraded my service and they could not provide the speed promised. I understand that BUT they wont refund me the extra money they charged me for the higher speed. The customer service pe... Read More »
Posted 4/5/2013

B S.
Stay away from DSL Extreme
Do not go with DSL Extreme unless you want promises that cannot be delivered. My speed was bad and they told me in my area they had an "upgrade" that would make me happy. They could not deliver and have sent me to collections because of ... Read More »
Posted 8/3/2012

Mark B.
Warning! DSL Extreme blows
DSL EXTREME = A big stanky HEAP of SH1T DON'T MAKE the same MISTAKE I made...get cable internet...5x faster. I wanted faster internet so I upgraded to their faster bandwidth...was not fast. DSL Extreme now claims to own my a$$ by claiming to con... Read More »
Posted 4/10/2012

Michael G.
Upon cancellation of service, at the end of the contract, they claim they have the right to collect another 30 Days of fees.
Since the service ended and the affiliated land land was disconnected and the service was not used...the fee is simply a ... Read More »
Posted 1/12/2012

John T.
The worst
I have never had a worst customer service experience in my life. They never refunded me the money for service I was never was able to get in my area even though the technician stated in his report that the distance for my house was too far to get ... Read More »
Posted 9/29/2011

Hank A.
Review 9/29/2011
I would like to add to the many dissatisfied customer remarks by saying that this company is set up, I believe, to fail. They are continuing to stay in business by collecting early termination fees. They exist only to collect people like a spider... Read More »
Posted 9/26/2011

stewart b.
Review 9/26/2011
This service is DISMAL and getting more Dismal. Ever since they shipped their Customer Service, Billing, and Tech support overseas this company has gone down the toilet. I have started 4 different companies with DSL Extreme (because AT&T was SO b... Read More »
Posted 9/1/2011

jim y.
Review 9/1/2011
I have been trying for more than a month to get the Internet working again reliably. It's on then off and speed is very slow. They can't seem to fix it. Even the level 2 techs. And I have spent hours on the phone on hold waiting for someone to ... Read More »
Posted 8/30/2011

Moses E.
Review 8/30/2011
I subscribed to Internet provider DSL Extreme on July 29, 2011, under a one year contract with the understanding that a $250.00 early termination fee would be waived if they could not provide the contracted service. As of this date October 30, 20... Read More »
Posted 7/18/2011

Vicki O.
Review 7/18/2011
I wish I had checked this company out before switching internet providers. I received the modem in the evening and it would not work. We called tech support and they could not help. Someone will need to call the next day. I decided I wanted to can... Read More »
Posted 6/21/2011

F U.
Review 6/21/2011
I just want to say, for the record, that this experience was the worst I have ever had in all my life. I only got helped after PUBLICLY posting my plight. Go through the prescribed avenues with this company from HE@@ and you will feel the pain. I ... Read More »
Posted 5/18/2011

Paul K.
Review 5/18/2011
DSL has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my LIFE. We lost service on the 1st of May. We tried for a week to get it restored. Their tech support is HORRIBLE. We waited on hold for hours between the various calls we placed al... Read More »
Posted 4/13/2011

Susiy R.
Review 4/13/2011
We have been dealing with DSL Extreme and their horrible business practices now for over 2 weeks. We have had DSL service since 2003 and had never experienced problems like this. We are now having to deal with people in the Philippines and they ha... Read More »
Posted 4/13/2011

Kristina E.
Review 4/13/2011
I have not had service still. I have called and called and called. I have gotten nothing but the run around. I have the wrong modem. Not true. My modem worked last month. I have a modem from you. Not true. I have no service in my area for DSL Extr... Read More »
Posted 4/6/2011

Review 4/6/2011
I've been with DSL Extreme for a few years. They were OK for most of those years however my service was intermittent ever since I started with them. Usually the way to troubleshoot it was to call in for support and talk to a tech and it was reso... Read More »
Posted 4/5/2011

Anthony B.
Review 4/5/2011
I have had 2 months now.. And my Internet connection has NEVER worked. They keep charging me for it! They technical support, says they do not know why is does not work. No one will call me back. They want to charge me $250 to cancel a service ... Read More »
Posted 4/4/2011

Jeff E.
Review 4/4/2011
If DSL is your only option, get the month-to-month plan to see if their completely incompetent tech support people can even get you connected! I tried to get their service and was told, one day after my activation date, that I should wait an addit... Read More »
Posted 4/4/2011

Juan C.
Review 4/4/2011
Worst customer service I've ever experienced. The people who answer are not knowledgeable and hard to understand. The tech support is ridiculous as well, one department blamed the other for my connection problem. Hold times on the phone were alway... Read More »
Posted 3/28/2011

Bill W.
Review 3/28/2011
I signed up with DSL and would NEVER deal with them again! Terrible customer service!! I received a modem but was never email codes to program it as DSL stated they would do immediately after my account was activated (as of this writing I have n... Read More »
Posted 4/21/2010

Dylan S.
Review 4/21/2010
Word of advice - DO NOT do business with DSL extreme for several good reasons:1. They mark up the service. That means they "ride" the internet line of at&t/Verizon/whoever, pay that company the normal internet price, and charge you with a few doll... Read More »
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