Debt Choice, Inc.

1.5 star rating Based on 4 reviews
This company's business is referring consumers to non-profit credit counselors or debt negotiators.  
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Debt Negotiation Services
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 1/7/2011

Review 1/7/2011
Yes, I'm another one of those former employees; my experiences weren't as bad as the other posters, but there were some glaring issues with their "service". I was hired on as a temp and didn't meet production (i.e.; sales) so I was canned.

Jus... Read More »
Posted 10/8/2009

Review 10/8/2009
President Stephen Brennan and Sales Manager Angelena Madrid use misleading advertisement, and statements to hire employees "with" false advertising you can make "BIG BUCKS" Six Figures to get people to come to work at their Company all the while t... Read More »
Posted 5/6/2008

Review 5/6/2008
I was a previous employer of this unethical company. One thing they advised us not to do is tell you consumers that this company is completely unnecessary. They dont do anything other than tell you that you have debt! Duh, if you called in you kno... Read More »
Posted 12/26/2007

Review 12/26/2007
The customer service representative I spoke with was good at his job. I would only like to advise someone interested in this company to to go over the information sheets, the ones you sign and send back, with a fine tooth comb!! Ask questions unt... Read More »
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