Feedback Plus Inc

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The company's business is providing mystery shopper opportunity using counterfit checks.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 10/28/2010

Assenav E.
Review 10/28/2010
I have avoided scams before by asking a wonderful geek friend of mine to check it out for me. Now I know what to look for. This FEEDBACK PLUS INC. is a total scam. They have no funds in their bank account and the banks will hold you responsible. D... Read More »
Posted 2/1/2010

Sam L.
Review 2/1/2010
**SCAM ALERT ** SCAM ALERT ** DO NOT DEPOSIT THE CHECK.. YOU ARE LIABLE FOR THE FUNDS! I do believe the address of 1977 Commercial Drive Los Angeles, CA 90046 is an INVALID Address. The date on the letter sent is JAN 14, 2009 (notice a year before... Read More »
Posted 1/16/2010

Nick L.
Review 1/16/2010
Received from CANADAPOST with no return address: Letter with FEEDBACK PLUS INC letterhead; 1977 Commercial Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90046 Tel 1-877-669-5752; fax 1-888-257-6255 Position of Hire Customer Service Evaluator at $300.00 Wee... Read More »
Posted 1/5/2010

Rocco F.
Review 1/5/2010
This is a scam, I called Feedback Plus in Texas and they verified they are not part of this program (they have contacted the FBI). I also called the bank on the check they sent me and they also verified it is not valid. Please do not follow t... Read More »
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