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This company's business is water leak sealant product sales.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 3/28/2014

Sterling W.
Flakes off in Texas Heat
This product does not work outside in the Texas heat. I had a leak coming from my covered patio. The patio had a flooring of slate and flex seal flaked off with ease. I was thoroughly disappointed. The bottom line, I will not buy that product for ... Read More »
Posted 9/19/2013

Joel C.
Does not "Flex"
I used Flex Seal on a pair of rubber wader boots. I had a hole in each so I patched the hole and sprayed over the top where there was some dry rot (roughed up the area with sandpaper also). I let it cure for about 6 days. Within minutes of startin... Read More »
Posted 8/7/2013

Amanda Z.
new, Clear product
I've used Flex Seal a bunch of times and have had great success with the product. When they came out with the Clear version I was first in line to buy it. I used Flex Seal Clear to seal a window frame leak. When I sprayed the product I noticed it ... Read More »
Posted 3/22/2013

Joseph O.
Flex Seal
Worst product I have ever used. The small leak I had got worse after I prepared the surface and use the Flex Seal product. Warning - this produce is a scam.
Posted 1/27/2013

Sandi A.
Doesn't work :-(
Used it to seal a leak around a vent on my mobile home. Held for maybe 1 week of Seattle weather and the leak started again, only worse! Don't waste your money.
Posted 12/6/2012

Rich W.
This product stinks....I used almost a whole can during numerous application on the gutter.....Now it doesn't drip it run out...
Posted 6/4/2012

Staci M.
This stuff flakes off like crazy!
I bought 4 cans of Flex Seal to seal my patio. The commercial states that it can do that and that it does not flake. I have LARGE black flakes all over my backyard now from using this product and my patio looks terrible. Now I have to scrape off t... Read More »
Posted 5/15/2012

Dennis R.
Don't go there
First off ... the five-star rating has NO negative options. In the case of Flex Seal, a minus 17,0003 is still too high. ALL of the negative reviews I've read here are true. My Buy One get the second can free ended up as a three can order at ju... Read More »
Posted 3/1/2012

cary p.
Where to purchase
This item is also available at Ace Hardware and Dollar General for around $13.00 for a 14 oz. can.
Posted 2/29/2012

alex a.
Flex Seal does not work, It is all lies like most of product advertised in same manner of sensationalism
I bought fkex seal. This Product claim is deceptive and does nothing of what they say "really" After spending almost 100$ on their 4 jumbo bottles, I had to call someone who knows They show you the door float. Well I bet you they used 1000 bott... Read More »
Posted 1/8/2012

tim s.
Marketing Questionable
I agree with Paula's S & P. Don't EVEN get close to the submit page if changing your mind! I didn't order, got a confirmation email anyway, then was told by phone that the order probably wouldn't be shipped. When the can - and bill showed up - ano... Read More »
Posted 1/6/2012

Fred M.
Buy Flex Seal Elsewhere
I found Flex Seal for sale online and in their stores at Rural King. $12.95 for 1 can, $11.95 each for 2 cans and $10.95 each for 3+ cans. Plus free shipping on orders over $25. I bought a can at the local store, have not tried it yet but plan ... Read More »
Posted 11/29/2011

Robert S.
Flex Seal Review from Non-Affiliate Consumer
Well, I have just tried the product - so am on a wait and see basis regarding how the products actually works. However, for those pondering a purchase, their "Buy One, Get One Free" is a bit of a stretch. The processing fee for the 2nd can is $9... Read More »
Posted 11/11/2011

Paula S.
Review 11/11/2011
DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT! All the negative comments about this company are true. They double your order without permission. You don't have the option to change the number of products you ordered. By the time you realize the charge is doubled, you... Read More »
Posted 10/20/2011

Paula P.
Review 10/20/2011
DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT. Eventhough you do not "SUBMIT" the order, if you X out of the website, the order is still processed. They called me to confirm my order. I said I didn't order anything. They said I would have to speak to customer servi... Read More »
Posted 9/30/2011

Al A.
Review 9/30/2011
DO NOT ORDER ON-LINE FLEX SEAL. Everyone's story about Flex Seal is accurate to my experience. You get a double order and almost $80 is charged to your account. Immediate calls to customer service 1-800-307-6201 and they say they can't do anythi... Read More »
Posted 9/30/2011

David D.
Review 9/30/2011
I really did not believe all of the negative posts about this company, but let me tell you they are all true. They double bill you for product, They ship twice what you ordered, They ship way after they tell you they shipped. Then they try and off... Read More »
Posted 9/21/2011

Cindy W.
Review 9/21/2011
Do not attempt to purchase this item!!! They doubled our order without our agreement and they signed us up for repeat orders which we were not even asked about. Do not try this product!! Now we have to go through our credit card company to stop... Read More »
Posted 9/10/2011

shailesh e.
Review 9/10/2011
Flex Seal is a total rip-off; don't waste your hard-earned money on this crap. Don't be lured into buying this product watching the guy in commercial using the Flex Seal to attach a screen door to the bottom of a boat. Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Spr... Read More »
Posted 9/8/2011

Anthony J.
Review 9/8/2011
I had to report this company to the Better Business Bureau. They asked for credit card information at the start of the order. then you go through a series of products that they want you to order. Once you click through that crap you have purchase... Read More »
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