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This company's business is providing debt reduction services.  
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Debt Consolidation Services

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Posted 6/7/2013

Joshua K.
Unbalanced Fees and Settlement Policies
I contacted FDR today and was highly dissatisfied when I found out that they are exceeding the 21% settlement fee as promised. Although the fee will balance in the end to equal 21% they are YTD at 58% going to FDR Fees instead of the settle to the... Read More »
Posted 5/6/2011

Val D.
Review 5/6/2011
Not worth the money.
Too expensive. You can get a better service for a lot less.
I do not recomend.
Posted 11/20/2010

Alexander P.
Review 11/20/2010
This organization is listed with many negative reviews under names with different spellings on Trustlink (try "Freedom Financial Management, Inc."). I wish I had known of Trustlink before getting involved with Freedom Financial. They charge a lo... Read More »
Posted 6/3/2010

Debbie G.
Review 6/3/2010
I want to tell you our story: Without Freedom Debt Relief Company we would be in ruins, they saved us from going bankrupt. It all started a long time ago when we were in our early twenties. It was OUR fault from the very beginning, and it was so e... Read More »
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