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Global Equity Finance, Inc. was founded in April 2005 by a core group of investors set on changing the way the mortgage world conducted business. The business was built on a three-pillar foundation of integrity, intelligence, and customer service.  
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Posted 9/1/2014

anahita v.
Kevin Alzamora-Loan Officer & Consultant Is absolutly THE BEST - 858-500-8118
I would like to recommend Kevin Alzamora. I had the pleasure of working with Kevin when I refinance my home. He is dedicated, efficient and very professional. I give Kevin a 5 Star rating
Posted 8/25/2014

Farrah G.
Christian Escoto was simply AMAZING!!!
Christian took the time to listen to our situation and then made several recommendations on what we can do. Even when my husband was hesitant, he took the time to listen to our concerns and provided answers to all our questions. The process was qu... Read More »
Posted 8/12/2014

Lauren N.
Highest Recommendation for Tim Valaski
Working with Tim Valaski was such a pleasure. He truly took the time to understand our situation and offer the best solution through refinancing our home. He is extremely knowledgeable, prompt, and honest. Everyone knows how stressful this process... Read More »
Posted 8/4/2014

michelle b.
Tim Valaski the absolute best
I had the pleasure of working directly with Tim Valaski. I have worked with many mortgage companies prior to GEF and I can honestly say that this has been the only company that was fast, professional, and knowledgeable. Tim was extremely helpful d... Read More »
Posted 8/4/2014

Jody J.
Tim Valaski, Executive Loan Specialist, makes refinancing easy
We all know that refinancing requires a lot of work. I was a little hesitant going in, but Tim Valaski, Executive Loan Specialist and Manager of the Valaski Group (1-858-752-6478) made everything easy. He is extremely knowledgeable and was availab... Read More »
Posted 7/28/2014

Tara T.
Tim Valaski, Loan Specialist, Global Equity Finance, Inc., 858-752-6478
I am very thankful for the excellent service I received from Tim Valaski while refinancing my home. His knowledge and expertise assisted me in solving many issues that surfaced during the process. He provided me with the resources to quickly impro... Read More »
Posted 7/21/2014

Nicole B.
New Mortgage
I dealt exclusively with Stephanie Clymer at 800-245-3279, ext. 8935 from Global Equity Finance, Inc. She was extremely polite, very knowledgeable but if she had any doubts about any question I had, she would find out from someone else and get rig... Read More »
Posted 7/20/2014

Beth G.
Kris Johnson 800-245-3279 Ext. 6941
There's really nothing more to say except, Kris Johnson is an amazing individual who helped us tremendously. All his hard work and dedication payed off. Thanks so much Kris, you did an exceptional job and we would recommend to you anyone. The Greer's
Posted 7/17/2014

Roman t.
Christopher Pagonis/Loan consultant
I worked with Christopher Pagonis to help refinance to a lower interest rate. I have to say that this loan exsperiance was the easiest and most pleasant loan experience ever. Christopher was very knowledgeable about FHA loans, the new changes and ... Read More »
Posted 7/17/2014

Rene R.
Great Senior Loan Officer Stephanie Clymer
I worked with Stephanie Clymer and she was the best. She quoted me a rate and was even able to get it lower for us. When at one point it looked like we weren't going to be able to complete without an Escrow waiver she went above and beyond to help... Read More »
Posted 6/22/2014

angela a.
mortgage refinance
I worked with Timothy Valaski (800-245-3279 ext 6478). He did an amazing job with directing me in the right path and I am glad I listened to his suggestions. I refinanced and paid off all my debt in the process, I could not feel less stressed. He ... Read More »
Posted 6/16/2014

James R.
Mortgage refinance
Mr. Rodrigo Aldrete,is our agent 858-752-6471. At this point, my wife and I had become very discouraged,angry and distrustful. Mailings and phone calls flooded our home from other companies. Correspondence and follow up with their agents was a jok... Read More »
Posted 6/16/2014

Tracy J.
Quick Closing Honest People
We worked with Kris Johnson and let me tell you he is great and honest and he really helped us with the refinance process for our home. Thanks Kris for all your hard work and help. THE JUDNICH'S
Posted 6/15/2014

Gabe N.
Global Equity Finance's superb service
I worked with Gunnar Cunningham (800-245-3279 Ext. 6074). He did an awesome job with providing us with the lowest interest rate in the market, keeping my wife and I informed with any new details regarding our refi mortgage loan, and he was extreme... Read More »
Posted 6/12/2014

Johanna N.
Mortgage Refinance
I worked with Patrick Colwell (800-245-3279 Extension:6479) and the service was outstanding. Patrick went out of his way to answer my questions immediately, he gave me accurate information and was very attentive. At the end of the process we had s... Read More »
Posted 6/5/2014

Michael C.
Beyond the best service!
Eddie Martinez at 800-245-3279 Extension: 6948. Was my consultant doing my mortgage and like every loan something always pops up that needs to be taken care of. With Eddie i did very little he did a ton of work and I'm grateful to have had hi... Read More »
Posted 5/28/2014

Heather K.
Low Involvement Refinance
I found the recent refinance of my home to require low involvement from me. What I mean from this is that I didn't have to go anywhere and meet anyone. I was able to provide all requested info via email. Either through downloads to saved files o... Read More »
Posted 5/28/2014

Donald C.
Review for Eddie Martinez
Many thanks to Mr. Martinez for working my refinance needs. He was very responsive to phone calls, emails, and fax messages. I was very impressed with the speed in resolving problems. I was also impressed with his due diligence and attention to de... Read More »
Posted 5/21/2014

dwight N.
Christian Escoto is AWSOME!!
Christian Escoto made refinancing our mortgage easy. He kept us fully informed during the whole process. He never misled us and he didn't make any outlandish promises. We recommend Christian to everyone.
Posted 5/16/2014

Rachel S.
Absolutely wonderful!
My husband and I recently used this company to refinance our house. We were lucky enough to have Gunnar Cunningham as our loan consultant. From the beginning everything sounded great. At one point I was thinking it was too good to be true and that... Read More »
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