Grant & Weber

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This company's business is providing collection services.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 1/25/2013

Caity F.
I don't trust them
I got a bill almost 2 months ago from them for labwork that I did not have done. I called 4 times to speak with someone and she said that I could not get the information about who billed me. She said she would mail me the details. I did not receiv... Read More »
Posted 1/8/2013

William A.
Taking as much money from you as possible!!!!
I'm not to sure if this is legal or not. But, They charged me 10% interest annually as soon as they got my account. When asked about it they said " Oh yeah everybody does it." So now they get their collection fees from the hospitals and 10% intere... Read More »
Posted 10/21/2011

Nikki C.
Review 10/21/2011
Grant & Weber is a horrible company to deal with, they don't respond, at least not the first dozen times you contact them. They are very slow to do anything. Horrible company to deal with!!
Posted 5/24/2011

Erik E.
Review 5/24/2011
Grant and Weber has been the most unethical company I have dealt with in my life. They send me a demand notice to pay a debt, when I asked for validation that the debt is in fact mine, they send me a series of white paper with numbers typed down ... Read More »
Posted 3/25/2011

Grace R.
Review 3/25/2011
I have, unfortunately, been dealing with this company for over a year. It started with a debt from the hospital I had my daughter at, sending over a debt that was already paid. I thought I had this mistake resolved with the hospital and it's not u... Read More »
Posted 12/14/2010

Dolan M.
Review 12/14/2010
They are Professional? could of Fooled me? there deal with me is very Inept. All they want is for the person such as myself to pay the full amount of money. They are willing to send a supposable "Charity Application" for say like a Hospital if you... Read More »
Posted 9/23/2010

Mary J.
Review 9/23/2010
Terrible service, really a scam and a half these people are. I think about giving your money to this company because they will take as much as they can get.
Posted 9/7/2010

Jack S.
Review 9/7/2010
To all, I experienced awful customer service from a company called “Grant & Weber”. This is a collections agency and boy talk about rude, these people don't have any personality at all.

They have inter personal skills to act sharks over the pho... Read More »
Posted 7/17/2010

Mary F.
Review 7/17/2010
I understand that being a "collection agency" is going to put these people in a bad light. I get it. It's the methods these people use. They lie, bend the law JUST to the breaking point and then swear they are just trying to help you. What I DON'T... Read More »
Posted 2/27/2010

Philip B.
Review 2/27/2010
I had paid a debt for $114 in full over the phone using a debit card. The person who worked for grant&weber mentioned I would recieve a letter in the mail showing the debt had been deleted for the records. It is now a month later and have recieved... Read More »
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