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This company's business is the sale of tools.  
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Posted 12/5/2013

Jim P.
Great deals don't come as unsolicited phone calls...
Call you with their number blocked and tell you about all the "high-quality" tools they want to give you, if you just make one purchase of say, 120 grinding or cutting wheels, at over $500. The freebies weren't all that great of quality,... Read More »
Posted 8/26/2013

Troy B.
No communication what so ever between sales and billing. Total rip off. Beware of "hidden fees" call them and he is very rude and total ass. STAY AWAY
Posted 8/19/2013

Debra K.
Bad Company
BAD, BAD Company! The original order was okay but the free stuff was awful. My husband complained about the free stuff when they called back. They told him they would make it right and send him more free stuff. He told them fine but no more mercha... Read More »
Posted 3/22/2013

Jimmy W.
Total bullshit scam
These people are scammers. Do not even talk to them. Worst experience ever. Same horrible experience as the other true reviews left here.
Posted 2/5/2013

Ken C.
Great tools andb customer service.
I've bought all my hand tools and air tools from inland replacements are never questioned and there J.H.Williams line is some of the best hand tools Ive ever owned.i just recently purchased a plasma cutter and realized i cant believe i was ever wi... Read More »
Posted 11/2/2012

Vicki L.
Horrible Experience
My husband got the phone call and agreed to a "trial" basis on some "high-quality" grinding disk's. UPS dropped them off on our porch when no one was home, the box was in bad shape and several of the disk's were chipped and scratched- Didn't even... Read More »
Posted 10/5/2012

David C.
Company is a rip off be ware!
This company is not what they tell you. They always have a story and the tools are what you would buy off of a tool truck. When you receive them they are from CHINA. When you look them up on line I found the same tool same model etc. For 1/4 the p... Read More »
Posted 8/15/2012

Chester D.
This company is harassing both myself, an OTR driver, and my wife at home. They call continuously, even after being told not to, and are rude when we do not place orders. I spoke to a salesman yesterday and told them not to call anymore, then so... Read More »
Posted 7/28/2012

Anne L.
terrible company
These guys are terrible. They call and harass my husband at work, and call our house at all hours. We have told them we didn't want products and they were sent anyways and we were billed. We sent them back and now refuse drop off when UPS delivers... Read More »
Posted 7/9/2012

april d.
SEVERLY upset in iowa.
I have only been on the phone for the last 4 weeks trying to get our bill straightened out with inland empire. Randy I faxed paper work to & explained the situation. They have over billed us & are demanding payment. Accounting was to get back with... Read More »
Posted 5/16/2012

Colin D.
watch out
They called up out of the blue, offered to send free product then after 10 minuets said I would be asked to buy some grinding wheels. I never agreed but they sent them anyway. The products were low quality and the invoice is charging me for the ... Read More »
Posted 1/29/2012

Bonnie C.
be very carefull
My husband ordered from the marketer, the products came priced them out elsewhere at less than half the cost with shipping, these will be going back even if we have to pay the freight, which is stated in there return policy. Please be careful when... Read More »
Posted 8/24/2011

wayne w.
Review 8/24/2011
I would never buy from this company again, first they called me out of the blue and said they will send me free tools if i buy grinding wheels. the tools and the grinding wheels showed up and when i used the grinding wheels they flew apart after a... Read More »
Posted 4/13/2010

Jennifer K.
Review 4/13/2010
Do not ever do business with this company! First, they called constantly in an attempt to make a sale, even after we told them not to call anymore. Finally, my husband gave in and bought something. The ended up shipping a whole bunch of extra prod... Read More »
Posted 3/1/2010

Mike J.
Review 3/1/2010
I have found this company to be very helpful. I've ordered tools from this company for years. I can honestly say I haven't had any problems and I'm always satisfied with the quality. Now if every avenue of my business was as easy and convenient to... Read More »
Posted 6/12/2008

Jerry J.
Review 6/12/2008
Through a telephone sales call from Inland Empire Industrial I ordered a socket set. The product arrived and was of a poor quality. I called the company and requested a call tag to return the product. I spoke with (3) people, including Lester Moor... Read More »
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