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We are one of the largest providers for Apple's iPod™ and iPhone™ batteries has sold over 100 thousand batteries to satisfied customers worldwide.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 2/16/2014

pete h.
Don't order from this company!
I ordered a replacement battery for my iPhone that came with tools that were not the right size for iPhone screws. Not only that but the battery was dead and wouldn't charge!!!! I disputed the charge with my credit card company.
Posted 11/10/2013

Brad F.
Do not use IPod Battery Depot under any circumstance
I ordered an iPad battery with installation tools and guide while paying for 1-2 day delivery. The battery only was delivered on third day with no tools or installation guide (useless without the installation tools). Battery looks used. They never... Read More »
Posted 3/22/2013

John P.
This company is definitely a scam
I bought a battery for my iPhone with this company and I wish I had seen this review first. The same things happened to me. THe first battery didn't work, it kept rebooting the phone. I went through several iterations to try to get help from them.... Read More »
Posted 2/22/2013

Wayne A.
Beware Of This Company!
I wish I had read the reviews posted here before trying to do business with this company. Everything posted by the other customers is TRUE. I mailed my Ipod (with a $49 prepaid fee) for battery replacement to IBD on Nov.18, 2012. On Nov.30, 2012, ... Read More »
Posted 9/15/2012

Arthur H.
Stay Away from this company
This is a nightmare! After almost three hours spent replacing the battery in my iPhone3 (BEWARE of connector 3: It comes out easily but pay close attention on how to put it back in!), the phone no longer connects to ATT's network AND the battery ... Read More »
Posted 8/21/2012

Larry G.
not repaired
Sent my money and ipod and it came back the same not repaired! The lady (Mary) I spoke with would not let me speak to anyone else.
Posted 8/20/2012

William L.
I phone 3G 1600ma battery
I ordered two battery's from them 1600ma and neither would hold a charge. The phone died after 5 hours. Dealing with them was terrible. Avoid these people.
Posted 2/13/2012

Chris W.
SCAM ALERT! Do not buy anything from this comapny!
SCAM ALERT! This company sent me a used defective battery and an item i did not order. Now they will not refund my money. FRAUD! I have reported them to the BBB, along with many others. http://www.la.bbb.org/business-reviews/General-Merchandise-Re... Read More »
Posted 9/15/2011

Michael S.
Review 9/15/2011
I sent for a battery to fit my 30gig 5th Gen IPOD, when I got the battery and installed it the charge would not go beyond half way. I listened to the ipod and let it run down a bit,hoping it would recharge then fully, when I attempted to recharge ... Read More »
Posted 9/12/2011

rick l.
Review 9/12/2011
The battery was received but would not work in my phone. I called them to speak with a Tech and they do not let you speak with them, but if you send your phone to them they will install the battery for a fee. I didn't have the time to wait for tha... Read More »
Posted 8/19/2011

Phil L.
Review 8/19/2011
They seem really nice when you make your purchase but don't let that fool you!!!!! Their batteries are junk!!!!! They won't refund your money either. I never filled out a review before but this company pissed me off so bad that I had to.
Posted 8/1/2011

Feliks G.
Review 8/1/2011
The battery they sent is not working. They would never return your money back. This is frod company. Don't buy anything from them. Good luck
Posted 6/4/2011

Steven W.
Review 6/4/2011
I ordered two 400mAh iPod Nano 2nd Gen Batteries manufactured by Ipod Battery Depot. What I received was 2 generic 350mAh "made in China" batteries. Since when is bait and switch legal? Their product detail specifically states why there product ... Read More »
Posted 5/16/2011

Thomas P.
Review 5/16/2011
I purchased a 1600 ma battery for my iPhone 3GS on May 02, 2011, however I was shipped a 1200 ma battery which wasn't marked 1200 ma. The Ipod Battery Depot NEVER notified me that this was a 1200 ma battery. The only way I found out it was a 1200... Read More »
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