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A full service tax firm, comprised of tax attorney, CPAs, and other tax professionals, specializing in resolving individuals’ and business’ IRS tax problems.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 4/16/2014
Happy Customer
The JG Tax Group team of experts resolved my tax problems. They were honest to me and treated me wit... Read More »
Posted 12/30/2013
Great Service
I was very happy with the service I received fro JG Tax Group, they were friendly and helpful throug... Read More »
Posted 9/13/2012
JG Tax was well worth it!
My business has been slow the last few years and I found it very difficult to pay my 940 and 941 tax... Read More »
Posted 8/20/2012
It has been a pleasure doing business
I must say it has been a pleasure doing business with JG Tax Group. The team that was assigned to m... Read More »
Posted 8/17/2012
Great Job
I called JG tax group in hopes of getting my IRS issues resolved and what a great decision that was.... Read More »
Posted 8/16/2012
Honest and for real
I have Sub S corporation and got behind in payroll taxes mainly because of the economic downturn. Ve... Read More »
Posted 8/15/2012
JG Tax Group is swift and efficient
An IRS Revenue Officer showed up at our door and threatened to shut us down if we didn’t pay our bac... Read More »
Posted 8/14/2012
Many thanks to you and your efficient staff.
My tax preparer, who I can no longer find, never sent in my returns for the past four years. Imagin... Read More »
Posted 7/9/2012
Thank God I found Help
Running your own business is difficult enough and when it comes to taxes and accounting, I get lost ... Read More »
Posted 7/5/2012
JG Tax Group Saved me From the IRS
I really don’t like the IRS at all and I suppose no one really does but when the garnished my social... Read More »
Posted 6/29/2012
I definitely made the right decision
There were so many tax firms and tax lawyers to choose from I didn’t know where to begin. I research... Read More »
Posted 6/28/2012
IRS Problems Solved!!!
I called JG Tax Group in hopes of setting up a payment plan. My initial contact with the IRS didn’t ... Read More »
Posted 6/25/2012
JG Tax Group is awesome!
I just got a call from the IRS. I OWE NOTHING.....On top of that I got 3 refund checks for the last ... Read More »
Posted 6/21/2012
All of my IRS Complaints were put to Bed by JG Tax Group
Thank JG Tax Group for finally ending this Nightmare audit. I hired a CPA to handle this for me and ... Read More »
Posted 6/20/2012
Thanks for Clearing Up My Problems
My tax returns for the past three years were being audited. The thought of visiting the IRS was maki... Read More »
Posted 6/19/2012
Fixed my Levy Complaint
I’m a home renovation sub-contractor and recently received a notice of levy that was sent to my cont... Read More »
Posted 6/18/2012
JG Tax Group helped me the whole way though
I called JG Tax Group and explained my problem. I had several years of unfiled tax returns and was r... Read More »
Posted 6/15/2012
JG Tax Group Stopped a Wage Garnishment and Helped Me
I just wanted to send this thank you note to everyone at JG TAX GROUP who worked on my Wage Garnishm... Read More »
Posted 6/14/2012
Worth Every Penny!
I owe the IRS over $200,000 and was deemed “Status 53” non-collectible for about 2 years. The IRS th... Read More »
Posted 6/13/2012
Settled My IRS Complaints
Your web page says it all. Your group deserves the A+ rating. I came to you guys in need of help an... Read More »
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