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Posted 12/17/2013

Mar L.
Major scam!!!
Just Fab-- what a scam! So I signed up cuz I liked some of their shoes & they offered free shipping w/ membership....the catch is you have to decline a purchase everymonth or they will send you out a voucher for $39.95 to use at a later date. ... Read More »
Posted 11/16/2013

Ruby P.
This company is the worst ever!
Why is it they can get their money out of your account right away but it takes them 2-5 business days to credit it back to you!? The employees treat you like you're an idiot, and they can't disclose any information about the founder or a way to co... Read More »
Posted 10/9/2013

Ms Douglas
JustFab thieves
I ordered shoes in August. A month later in September I was charged $30 by this company and I called to see what was going on. I was informed that the initial order signed me up for a membership that would charge $30 monthly and I would be able to... Read More »
Posted 6/15/2013

Danielle P.
Sammed also..
I called in because I was tired of being charged every month and having lots of in-store credit sitting there and I can never use. Everything is ALWAYS out of stock! They keep taking my money but never have my size available for anything I may be ... Read More »
Posted 6/7/2013

stephanie k.
I too did not realize when i signed up that i would be charged whether i got the product or not. absolutely will not refund your money and will not make it easy to cancel either. so although i canceled my account and did not receive anything they ... Read More »
Posted 5/22/2013

Lynda H.
Just Fab Shoes
I just order some shoes yesterday 5/21/2013 online. After reading these reviews I am kind of wishing I didn't. I hope I do not have the same kind of experience most of the reviewers have had or having. But rest assure if I have any problems whatso... Read More »
Posted 5/15/2013

mike j.
the membership fine print is deceptive the opt-out model is on watch from consumer protection agencies in something called negative options marketing after calling customer service there is a pressure tactic and it is still unclear as to whether o... Read More »
Posted 5/15/2013

georgia b.
Justfab.co.uk RETURNS AND VIP - SCAM!
When trying to return my parcel, I rang at least 10 times over a period of two days to organise a time for my parcel to be collected and not once did anyone answer. I finally got through to someone via the online chat service, where I was told my ... Read More »
Posted 5/9/2013

Shanna F.
DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY!!! If you ever want to cancel you can forget it because you are stuck. First of all they will try to entice you with all of these additional offers. Finally, when you do cancel, your credit card will continue to ge... Read More »
Posted 5/3/2013

Lisa M.
I had a friend suggest this site to me, so I signed up (never purchased anything as their stuff is not for me). I recently have been trying to clean up my email, so I have been unsubscribing from places that are not of interest to me. I have unsub... Read More »
Posted 4/5/2013

natalya g.
I'm appalled. I ordered a pair of shoes about, 3 months ago? And having no idea that this site charges 40 dollars a month, I was happy for the time being. Now, about 120 dollars is gone. POOF. I would have liked it to be more obvious that they cha... Read More »
Posted 3/6/2013

debra l.
I'm excited to use this product
Posted 2/28/2013

Carolina R.
No so Fab
I called to get my membership cancelled because their website doesn't give you the option to do so yourself... When I called I was not listened to, the customer service rep just kept trying to sell me things... I know this is their job, to try and... Read More »
Business's response - on 3/12/2013
Carolina R., We do apologize for any misunderstanding. Our customer service is very important to us and your information has been forwarded to our Quality Assurance Manager for further review and the proper training will be implemented. We would l... Read More »
Posted 2/14/2013

maria a.
Bad place to get a gift card from!!
I receive gift cards EVERY holiday and I got one today for Valentines. This was the first time getting one from "notsofab" I went through tons of shoes finally picking two pair and was happy because at checkout it said Buy one get one half. I TRI... Read More »
Business's response - on 3/12/2013
Maria A., Our apologies due to any confusion. Our gift cards are redeemable for any one $39.95 item on the website, or depending on the amount listed on the gift card. However, with our promotions, we do make known to our members that no store cre... Read More »
Posted 1/31/2013

Pam G.
Shoes shoes shoes
I have been a member and customer of Justfab on and off for a few years and now I am a consistent customer. Exchanges are very easy to do with the online chat feature or by just making a phone call. Being able to do hassle free exchanges means a g... Read More »
Posted 1/30/2013

Airie L.
Review 1/30/2013
I have been shopping at Just Fab for months. I have increased my over expensive shoe colection threefold! I love the membership rewards program. I buy a lot of shoes at the bogo sale and get points then before you know it I have a free credit for... Read More »
Posted 1/30/2013

Nichole B.
Justfab is truly Just Fabulous!
I love this company for many reasons so I will try to narrow it down! Besides the great pricing, weekly happy hour deals, and bogo specials, the website is fun and and easy to manage. Not only do they have customer reviews of all the products, but... Read More »
Posted 1/29/2013

Katiuska T.
JF is more than a company, JF is a community.
It all started when I saw a picture of a sole sister on Facebook of a shoe named Aurora and ever since I have been hooked with Justfab.com. I have been a member and loyal customer for almost 3 years and I have to say that I will remain a customer ... Read More »
Posted 1/28/2013

Christine S.
My experience with JustFab
I have been a member on JustFab's website for 2 1/2 years. They gave me the courage to play with fashion and the confidence to strut my stuff. I was a very poor college student when I joined them. I am now out of college and they still help me sta... Read More »
Posted 1/18/2013

Karyn A.
I ordered a pair of boots in December, which came and in which I was charged the correct amount. Three weeks later, I was unknowingly charged $39.95. When I called my bank to dispute the charge, they automatically knew to which charge I was disp... Read More »
Business's response - on 3/12/2013
Karyn A., We do apologize for any misunderstanding. We would like to let you know there is definitely no obligations in making purchases every month. Our VIP Program is listed under “How JustFab works” on the website. In the terms and conditions i... Read More »
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