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This company's business is providing consumer electronics with diverse product offerings that include flat-panel TV's, digital-analog converter boxes, small electronics and related accessories.  
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Commercial Products Wholesale and Distributor
Electronic Equipment Wholesale

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Posted 11/30/2011

Kelly P.
TV repair fiasco
I can totally agree with Erin B. Her review sounds just like mine except I am still dealing with this company. I began experiencing problems with the TV we purchased in May after only having the product since February. I placed a call in May an... Read More »
Posted 10/3/2011

Erin B.
Review 10/3/2011
I had a horrible warranty experience with this company. Here is a copy of the email I sent that explains how bad the service/tech support it.... I returned this TV to the retailer I purchased it from so I will not be needing this shipping label.... Read More »
Posted 9/7/2011

Evan J.
Review 9/7/2011
I would not purchase equipment from this manufacturer unless it is your only option to get equipment. I have spend considerable time getting two boxes to actually work for a period of longer than 4 months. They have sent me five boxes total now an... Read More »
Posted 4/27/2011

Robert W.
Review 4/27/2011
The customer service this company provides is a complete joke. I've been trying for three months now to get a pedestal base replaced. I can't get any answers. I've been told everything from "we just moved" to "you'll hear from us before the end of... Read More »
Posted 4/25/2011

Ken S.
Review 4/25/2011
This company provides no answers as to when or if you will ever get your TV repaired. My Apex 40" has been dead for a month now. I still do not know after more than a dozen phone calls (obviously outsourced to no US 3rd party) who will ever cont... Read More »
Posted 4/12/2011

Brian M.
Review 4/12/2011
Terrible company when it comes to dealing with warranty issues. This company manages warranty issues for APEX Digital, Inc. (or so they claim). They are completely unresponsive. I would never buy another APEX/KCPI product after dealing with both... Read More »
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