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This company offers credit card processing through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.  
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Merchant Credit Card Processing Services

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Posted 6/10/2014

Lori J.
So far So great!
I trust Leaders Merchant Services simply because the entire time I was just throwing away money from a lot of rip off companies, they had pulled me up and offered lesser fees. Compared to other merchant services, Leaders has great and working term... Read More »
Posted 5/14/2014

Katherine F.
High Fees, Terrible Customer Service
This company is a HUGE hassle to deal with, from unanswered emails, high fees that vary each month, and bad customer service. If you are a small business owner, you'll be much better off using Square.
Posted 4/10/2013

Irina A.
We signed up for their account and were not initially told that there will be a $25 monthly fee. Then there was a surprise $35 miscellaneous fee with no explanation for what. When we called and talked to their customer service they said it was for... Read More »
Posted 4/3/2013

jules b.
huge waste of time.. company sells your their service not even knowing if their software works with your phone. We had a huge event and were in a bind and the swiper didn't read cards with our phones. We had to manually enter every credit card whi... Read More »
Posted 2/12/2013

Guek C.
Very unhappy with Leaders Merchant Services
Very very unhappy with Leaders merchant services. When I set up my account last month, I specifically asked about all the fees and Tony told me no other fees other than the swipe fee and percentage of sales. I got the mobile card reader but was no... Read More »
Posted 2/4/2013

Louise B.
Hounding you after one inquiry will not take no for an answer.
I was researching mobile credit card processing for my house call business over the last month and contacted Leaders for information. I put in for a call on the contact form and was called later in the day. I was busy at that time and asked the s... Read More »
Posted 2/4/2013

Greg B.
just satisfied
So far, hadn't had any major problems regarding its services. Except of course for customer service who at times does not really fully grasp the problem at hand and will just proceed to selling you something. All in all, I've been satisfied with t... Read More »
Posted 1/21/2013

Zach S.
They will lie to you about fees, percentages and their monthly rate. When you try to cancel they will make you jump through hoops to do so. The equipment is garbage and does not work. Keep looking for another processing company.
Posted 12/29/2012

Jon H.
Leaders overcharges, does not follow through on credits, and misrepresents their product.
Leaders has charged me monthly since March 2012 for an account I did not set up. After reading their fee schedule, I did not sign the contract and informed them I did not want to use their services. Because they had verbally gotten my bank account... Read More »
Posted 12/26/2012

Mark B.
easy to work with
Leaders has been very reliable for my business. I have a small business I run with my cousins and so far Leaders has been the best business upgrade we ever made. I had to call customer service from time to time but just to confirm certain things w... Read More »
Posted 12/18/2012

J H.
worth it all!
My wife sarah and I started our small bakery business at orange county. We couldn't cater the expanding needs for our business hence we looked for a suitable partner that would carry and deliver the services we needed in terms of credit card proce... Read More »
Posted 12/17/2012

M W.
fixed concerns
I’ve been having seasonal problems with leaders. Not really a perfect company (i believe there’s none anyways) But the good part is they know how to address whenever i have concerns and if they can’t fix it real time, one thing im pretty sure of i... Read More »
Posted 12/14/2012

Arnold B.
Real Glad
Real glad I made the decision to make leaders a part of my business. Nothing beats their rate so far. I am not sure why others say that this company is a rip off, bash, or talk trash against them even if it ain't true. Some review sites should be ... Read More »
Posted 11/19/2012

Diana N.
Im staying only with company who truly cares!
If not leaders merchant services? then who will it be? for me, this is really the best merchant provider most specially for small and starting businesses. went for the "giants" before and it seems that they don't give a thing for my account.
Posted 11/16/2012

Jeff B.
My Bakery's Bestfriend!
Nothing beats leaders for me. I've been with leaders since 2008 and I am still one loyal customer stuck to them. never had problems with customer support.. bills and fees are transparent.. lower rates.. this is what attracted me with leaders and s... Read More »
Posted 11/1/2012

Marvin A.
honestly satisfied client!
I am probably a newcomer for leaders since I just joined the band since Feb of this year. I am not going to sugarcoat anything but I just wanna say that I am indeed satisfied with what I am getting for the money I paid them for. It's kinda hard to... Read More »
Posted 10/31/2012

Michael M.
Waste of Money, Multiple Fees, Very Bad Experience, NOT Recommended
This company has very good sales people and tricky advertisement. As soon as they get you on board expect unpleasant surprises. We are a low volume CC processing company. We needed low monthly cost CC merchant company. That's what they promised us... Read More »
Posted 10/22/2012

Richard F.
Works for Annie!
Ever since my wife Annie got hooked to her handy bag business, I was always tasked to look for better things that would help her small business grow. She asked me to look for a merchant service that's less expensive that she can have with. Hence, ... Read More »
Posted 10/18/2012

Debbie B.
Thank You!
I writing to tell you how incredibly impressed I am with your customer service. I had set up an account with Intuit and the service was horrible (long wait times, different person every time I called, couldn't get the scanner to me in less than a ... Read More »
Posted 10/18/2012

anuar c.
LEADERS took from my checking account with out AUTHORIZATION $267.00 six months ago and never returned. we never use the service because from the beginning we have problems with them. leaders is abusive,liar and thieves... I would not recommend t... Read More »
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