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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 6/13/2014

Joshua J.
Great Experience with Lendio
When reading the reviews below, I was very surprised -- they sound nothing like the experience that I had with Lendio. First of all, Lendio's service is free -- I didn't ever have to pay for any of their services. Secondly, their experience and re... Read More »
Posted 1/14/2014

Simon A.
Run away from them
They linked me to a bunch of other businesses like ENTRUST PREMIUM BUISNESS FINANCING and others. They waste your time with disclosing company information and end up giving you hard time later. People here are right about them being an array of sm... Read More »
Posted 1/3/2014

Lendio S.
LENDIO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Run from Lendio. Don't walk, RUN. Don't give them your phone number! I registered with them 8 months ago and still get robo calls every day. Their products are ripoffs! For example, a representative offered me "9% on a secured line of credit&... Read More »
Posted 11/4/2011

rob r.
Review 11/4/2011
My experience w/ Lendio: A smooth fast-talking telephone pitchman made promises that the firm does not deliver -- i.e., 30-50 page business plan w/ shorter executive summary, line-of-business targeted potential lenders, etc. All lies--the delivere... Read More »
Posted 9/29/2011

J. M.
Review 9/29/2011
Great at sales... all of the press articles and their funding accomplishments were related to me ad nauseum, but the resulting services were very poor. Business plan built was in no shape to offer to potential financial institutions; not only in ... Read More »
Posted 8/17/2011

Dan B.
Review 8/17/2011
There have been some negative reviews below. Some might be warranted. However, Lendio has just brought on someone from Overstock to revamp its customer service and is growing and changing in a good way. Right now, Lendio has an A+ BBB rating in Ar... Read More »
Posted 8/7/2011

Jeanne K.
Review 8/7/2011
I have been trying to get these people to perform what they promised they would do since Dec. 2010 for $2800. They have not produced a business plan, proforma, or any of the other services I paid up front for. You cannot even get them to call you ... Read More »
Posted 5/27/2011

Rhonda G.
Review 5/27/2011
Lendio makes you pay up front for their services and delivers poor quality work. It takes tenacity to get them to own up to their defaults. Do not give up. Keep calling, keep writing if you feel that they have wronged you. They eventually offere... Read More »
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