Liberty Unsecured, Inc.

Weston , FL 33327
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 11/21/2013
Rip Off!!
Got approved for $3000, paid the nearly $500 processing fee and ended up not qualifying for anything... Read More »
Posted 11/13/2013
Don't Pay Money Upfront
When dealing with any type of loan company, don't ever pay money upfront. It's a SCAM, always. If yo... Read More »
Posted 7/19/2013
dont trust
I paid a deposit because they said I was approved and I did not get the loan they want return my pho... Read More »
Posted 5/16/2013
I have been reading these reviews on Liberty. I also see how some of the people are saying not to go... Read More »
Posted 4/19/2013
Horrible business practices
This is probably the worst experience I have ever had dealing with a loan company. I was contacted s... Read More »
Posted 2/19/2013
a scam apparently
Not really a review but empathy for all who fell for this scam. I am sadly overdrawn in my account, ... Read More »
Posted 5/16/2011
Review 5/16/2011
Last year I contacted this company for a 15K loan,I spoke with a man named Richy Martin he said that... Read More »
Posted 3/26/2011
Review 3/26/2011
While doing research about this company, I came across this company Life House Funding. I was a litt... Read More »
Posted 3/17/2011
Review 3/17/2011
It looks like changed it's name and is now funneling its clients to unsecuredlo... Read More »
Posted 2/15/2011
Review 2/15/2011
I paid the $499 service fee with the promise that I would receive an unsecured personal loan and tha... Read More »
Posted 2/13/2011
Review 2/13/2011
If you are looking for a personal loan there is no better place than Life House Funding. They will ... Read More »
Posted 2/8/2011
Review 2/8/2011
The decision to use a company like Liberty is simple. Do you want to pay someone to maybe get a loan... Read More »
Posted 2/3/2011
Review 2/3/2011
this. GO TO A BANK. If Don't have good credit they tell you that they have an arrangement with a cre... Read More »
Posted 1/14/2011
Review 1/14/2011
THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!! Seriously people every one who is on these reviews who are stating this com... Read More »
Posted 12/24/2010
Review 12/24/2010
After reading all of these reveiws I have decided to call my bank and cancel the payment, but becaus... Read More »
Posted 12/6/2010
Review 12/6/2010
Thanks Josh for the referral to Life House they really did help me out. I did some research on them ... Read More »
Posted 11/14/2010
Review 11/14/2010
Avoid any company that asked you for money upfront. If you are looking for a reputable company that ... Read More »
Posted 11/10/2010
Review 11/10/2010
They took me for my MONEY. In the beginning I spoke with a John Mcgloclin then Neil and they both we... Read More »
Posted 11/3/2010
Review 11/3/2010
All I can say is "WOW" I almost fell for it but for some reason I had a gut feeling and it told me t... Read More »
Posted 10/27/2010
Review 10/27/2010
I must say I am very pleased with this company, the people I dealt with were very curtious and helpf... Read More »
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