MGM Universal Timeshare

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This company's nature of business is a timeshare sales program.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 8/1/2011

bob w.
Review 8/1/2011
This company is located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Good luck finding them!
Posted 5/2/2011

Jose E.
Review 5/2/2011
I was contacted by MGM Universal Timeshare last year, April 2010 with an offer to sell my timeshare in 90 days for a fee of $1798.00. After a few phone calls from them, I finally decided to give a shoot and I received a contract and paid the $1798... Read More »
Posted 4/20/2011

Carol C.
Review 4/20/2011
I too was scammed by this company. There sales pitch was so believable. My credit card payment of $1798 was made to Universal Timeshare, Santo Domingo Duty-Free Store. My complaints are the same as read in most of your reviews. They had a buye... Read More »
Posted 4/19/2011

Darcy D.
Review 4/19/2011
This is a complete scam. NEVER SEND THEM ANY MONEY. They call a few times and then you never hear from them again, regardless of how often you contact them. Lost money.

People with no souls.
Posted 4/16/2011

Melissa G.
Review 4/16/2011
This company is a scam. I sent them the $1800. They would call here and there to say they are about to make a sale and eventually only called every couple of months. About a month ago a fellow named Benny Benson called. He had a 707 phone number,... Read More »
Posted 3/3/2011

Richard G.
Review 3/3/2011
MGM Universal Timeshares does not return phone calls. They state in writing that there are NO closing costs or hidden charges, yet when they said they had a buyer for my property, they would not reveal any details and wanted $1500.00 sent to a cl... Read More »
Posted 3/2/2011

Harold L.
Review 3/2/2011
This company calls with outlandish, too-good-to-be-true claims. I sent them the $1800. They called intermittently to say they are about to make a sale. Yesterday, a fellow named Benny called. Had 707 phone number and said that they had sold ou... Read More »
Posted 1/13/2011

Gerardo C.
Review 1/13/2011
I was contacted by MGM Universal Timeshare to inquire if I wanted to sell my timeshare in Oceanside. I said yes. I checked their website & everything seemed legitimate. They took $1800 as an upfront fee to sell my timeshare in 90 maximum. This was... Read More »
Posted 4/1/2010

Review 4/1/2010
We initially received a call from a Chris King stating they had a client ready to purchase our timeshare for $23,000. All they needed from us was $1798 to take care of the title search and other paperwork. He assured me they were ready to buy that... Read More »
Posted 10/2/2009

Sally E.
Review 10/2/2009
We have had the same problems with M.G.M. Universal; however, I will be contacting the Arizona Attorney General's Office, as well as filing a complaint with the FTC today. I have contacted our credit card company and am disputing the charges. I ... Read More »
Posted 9/16/2009

Rajeev P.
Review 9/16/2009
One of the worst customer service experiences of my life. Absolutely clueless, no response to any emails, voice mails and when I did get a live person to talk too, they had no ability or authority to answer any questions. All they are interested i... Read More »
Posted 8/28/2009

Bob M.
Review 8/28/2009
Shysters... Calling late at night with outlandish offers to sell your timeshares right away. Right away after you send them $1,800 that is. They swear they have a buyer all lined up... only they have to fly them in from Europe to sign the papers..... Read More »
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