Magic Kids, Inc.

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This company's nature of business is a home based business opportunity distributing childrens clothing at wholesale prices.  
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Posted 8/9/2012

james T.
Magic Kids, Inc. registration...
Magic Kids, Inc. is a legitimate business, but when you register as one of their circular distributors, they do not tell you until after you've registered that you're better off purchasing your own website through them, because if one of your cust... Read More »
Posted 6/2/2012

Merilee G.
On the Fence ...
I've had quite a few conversations with a rep there, about the opportunity. ZERO pressure, never tried to hurry me off the phone or badger me for a commitment. I asked a zillion questions, everything answered so far. Today, after talking with my ... Read More »
Posted 2/11/2012

Donald l.
Scan or Not
I received a 15 page flier in the mail,I checked out the web site and didn't see any of the kids items on the website. (MAGIC KIDS,INC.)I read several reviews and I'm not going to send in any of my hard earned money. The flyer says it was founded ... Read More »
Posted 1/16/2012

Roxy B.
Review 1/16/2012
Please check that site before you send ANY money to ANY company. Not only does Magic Kids have an 'F' rating with the BBB, What they do is they charge you for their fliers and send you off to advertise their business all around town. Your sales I... Read More »
Posted 11/17/2011

michaela r.
Review 11/17/2011
I entered the sign up process and after speaking with a rep on the phone it just smelled a little fishy and I got skeptical so I bailed. Do your homework first!
Posted 10/27/2011

Denita M.
Review 10/27/2011
I joined this company in August-2011 and i have nothing negative to say. I have no issues getting a hold to them If i have question, also te clothing ships to your door within one wk. I love this business. PPL fail to understand that they have to ... Read More »
Posted 9/16/2011

Mary D.
Review 9/16/2011
I just finished reading their sales pitch and found it amusing so I did a search on the Internet as a follow up. Well I found Magic Kids, and yes they are at the address posted, what I found strange is that the fax number is the number you use to... Read More »
Posted 4/11/2011

Brandon C.
Review 4/11/2011
I joined magic kids a few months ago. And have orders cloths through them. I have had no problem getting a hold of them. And the cloths i ordered were in bran new condition. To make money you need to do the work on your end. I give this company an... Read More »
Posted 4/1/2011

David A.
Review 4/1/2011
I hate getting the mailings from this company. Being in law enforcement, I have seen the trauma these scams cause to people. I have been called to peoples homes to find that their accounts have been emptied, and also only the fee is taken to get... Read More »
Posted 7/2/2010

Dwight M.
Review 7/2/2010
My name is a Dwight moxley II and I am a closeout Distributor My ID code is MK01685. I have been a closeout distributor for Magic Kids & Co., Inc since 11/19/09. I have aggressively been distributing 1000 fliers per month, 100 non - profit invitat... Read More »
Posted 11/9/2009

Micayla H.
Review 11/9/2009
I just recieved the 15 pages of "hurry up and do it now" to be a circular distributor and well I have to say they really had me going with all that writing and so called "proof". I have to say that the first reviewer must have had the best of luck... Read More »
Posted 4/19/2008

Review 4/19/2008
Caveat Emptor = "Buyer Beware". Before jumping in the water with all the promises the Co. makes, do yourself a favor & complete your due diligence. Their slick 15 page "program" sounds too good to be true & what do they say about anything that se... Read More »
Posted 4/7/2008

Review 4/7/2008
I own a children's store in Mobile, Alabama. I would like to share my experience with this company with anyone considering signing up.
For almost 4 years now, I have been inundated with postcards, letters, emails, and even phone calls from dist... Read More »
Posted 3/19/2008

Review 3/19/2008
Like Tonyasp I have just signed up. Hind sight can be 20/20. AFTER signing up I checked the BBB to see a big fat "F". Okay, scam me, I hope not. I will give it the 60 day trial and see what happens.

I am working on research into these types... Read More »
Posted 3/18/2008

Review 3/18/2008
I recieved papers from magic kids company inc to become a distributor of their advertising fliers to local businesses and local consumers to go to their web sight and purchase childrens clothing for 50-70% off normal pricing in stores which sounde... Read More »
Posted 2/28/2008

Review 2/28/2008
Hello. I received the 15-page sheets from Magic Kids,Inc recently; and the business opportunities sounded pretty inviting to me. But toward the end of the pages I saw the catch, I had to first put up a good faith payment of $147.00, which caused "... Read More »
Posted 2/21/2008

Review 2/21/2008
As of right now I am waiting to receive my package to become a Magic Kid Distributor in my area. I received & read the 15 page letter that was sent to me that included the order sheet. It stated I would not have to send pay up front for the 1st 3... Read More »
Posted 2/19/2008

Review 2/19/2008
I received the mailed letter, took the time to read through it all and was excited, but of course skeptical. I called the 1-800 number it told me to call... I spoke with a lady who spoke as if she were a computer. Everything was in short and to th... Read More »
Posted 1/19/2008

Review 1/19/2008
Writing as a consumer and as a dealer rep for Magic Kids over all I find the company sells good quality clothing at extremely reasonable prices. Shipment is quick and I have not had any problems contacting a service representative. I can honestl... Read More »
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