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Posted 5/31/2012

Richard A.
Professional and Courteous - Highly Recommended
I purchase gold and silver in my portfolio every couple years as I like to keep a diversified portfolio along with my stocks and real estate holdings. After seeing their commercial I decided to use Monex for the first time after dealing with Apmex... Read More »
Posted 5/31/2013

Mukul G.
Dan Golan - The millionaire broker.
Coming from personal experience following is what I would suggest : 1. Do not buy from Dan Golan if he calls you personally, most probably he is dumping on you at high price. 2. If you have less that $50,000 for a transaction he is not your guy...... Read More »
Posted 2/11/2013

jeff h.
I'm a small town entrepreneur in Pa. I own (6) company's and have over (25) employees. I know the meaning of good business. I have made several transactions through Dan Wales at Monex. All have been very profitable and positive experiences. I read... Read More »
Posted 8/12/2012

ujas d.
courteous & friendly recommonded to trade with
I M new to this country & wondering to trade here which i used to do in my mother country. Found Monex & My agent Mr Pye Eshargan Sorry if missspelled my friend. Yes I have not yet registered in the atlas But bought Physical Gold & silver from the... Read More »
Posted 10/20/2011

george h.
Review 10/20/2011
my first dealing with monex. i can say they were easy to work with. the shipment came in as described. i had trouble tracking the packages via usps, and had to call them to get shipping info, but the people were very friendly and helpful. i would ... Read More »
Posted 9/19/2011

Diane B.
Review 9/19/2011
Today I received my gold coin shipment from Monex! What is so incredible about my transaction that I would give this company a 5-Star Rating? I placed my order on Labor Day Weekend; at about 9:00 pm on Saturday evening. My account representative, ... Read More »
Posted 8/23/2011

Alan B.
Review 8/23/2011
I have been doing business with Monex Credit Company for five years and in all of that time there has never been a problem with their business practices. My broker, Steve Thornbury, is very professional, courteous and efficient with every order tr... Read More »
Posted 8/17/2011

T. C.
Review 8/17/2011
I've been investing with Don Golan, broker at Monex, for 4 years now. I have recommended Monex to several of my friends and family members, 3 of whom have had Atlas accounts. I've had great experiences with buying, selling and taking delivery of... Read More »
Posted 8/17/2011

Patrick A.
Review 8/17/2011
I bought some silver and due to my rep. Pye, I have made a 17% increase on my investment, in about one month. This is due to him calling me with suggestions on how the market works and what to look for. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk ... Read More »
Posted 8/17/2011

m. n.
Review 8/17/2011
As a longtime customer of Monex who has done millions of dollars of transactions, I can sincerely recommend this company whole-heartedly and without reservation. I have experienced them to be consistently honest (a rarity in the investment field)... Read More »
Posted 8/16/2011

Kenneth P.
Review 8/16/2011
I have nothing but positive things to say about Monex and my broker David Feldberg. With timely and accurate information all my trades have turned Gold or for the most part Silver. We pass information back and forth we have gleened from all sour... Read More »
Posted 6/22/2011

John V.
Review 6/22/2011
I have been trading with Monex for around 2 years. Their service is very good and in general I am very happy with the company and my broker, whose name is Justin. Of course, as with any business there is room for improvement. The key things I disc... Read More »
Posted 6/13/2011

Carol K.
Review 6/13/2011
Buyer and Seller BEWARE! I did NOT lose money with Monex as some posters have claimed. Monex misled and outright lied to me about costs when I sold my metal (gold/silver philharmonic). I purchased my metal over 3 years ago and should have ... Read More »
Posted 5/24/2011

Jack P.
Review 5/24/2011
I couldn’t be happier with the experiences that I’ve had with Monex. I am stunned by many of the complaints in these reviews, and found a few of them to be too bizarre to be credible. I first did business with Monex in 1974. They were an honest... Read More »
Posted 5/17/2011

Greg M.
Review 5/17/2011
I have been a Monex customer since 2006. I have traded Silver, Palladium, and Gold with them via their Atlas Program. I have made physical purchases of Silver Coins with them. They are pros. I have never had a trade execution that I wasn't com... Read More »
Posted 4/29/2011

tom b.
Review 4/29/2011
In early November 2010 I decided to purchase some gold from Monex.I had just returned from working overseas.I was scheduled for surgery that afternoon. Hours after I purchased $15,000 worth of gold I found out there was a problem with my health in... Read More »
Posted 3/8/2011

Peter L.
Review 3/8/2011
After using numerous companies over the years I decided to purchased 200 silver american eagles from Monex after a friend recommended them. I noticed the bbb grade after my purchase and was a little anxious about my order. I can only speak for mys... Read More »
Posted 3/2/2011

E J L.
Review 3/2/2011
I just made my first purchase of Silver Bullion & am very pleased with the service I received. It was a breeze setting up the account, my Account Rep Pye Eshraghian (yes that is spelled correctly)was very helpful keeping me informed of when my fu... Read More »
Posted 3/2/2011

Jeffrey C.
Review 3/2/2011
I have read the complaints shown here and frankly I'm shocked. I have done business with Monex and continue to do say. These transactions are $50,000 plus so we're not talking about chicken feed here. I have never had any problems with them. Once ... Read More »
Posted 2/17/2011

Frank B.
Review 2/17/2011
I used Monex deposit company to do some investing. I never had any problems with them and Dan was always a pleasure to work with.
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