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Our mission at MyLife is to provide the most comprehensive people search service to help you easily find and stay connected with friends, family, loved ones and colleagues.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 8/17/2010
Review 8/17/2010
The company was quick to resolve my upgrade renewal issues as I wanted to continue my subscription w... Read More »
Posted 10/22/2013
This company is a scam. As soon as you put your information in and pay your seven dollars, you have ... Read More »
Posted 7/15/2013
rip off
I paid for one month of service and when i signed for the info i needed i was being force to pay mor... Read More »
Posted 4/5/2013
Get your money back
They would not show search results with out a member loin and password it said it was free, so I cli... Read More »
Posted 9/4/2012
Sorry I tried my life.
I signed up with My Life on a trial subscription. I canceled July 2011. They kept my credit card i... Read More »
Posted 3/18/2012
Don't Even Give MyLife Your Email Address!
I made the mistake of giving MyLife my email address and they have never stopped spamming me with ha... Read More »
Posted 12/7/2011
I was also scammed by Last year I signed up for what I thought was one month and was ch... Read More »
Posted 11/10/2011
Review 11/10/2011
Without my knowledge, MyLife signed me up last year for a $95.40 "annual membership". When the year ... Read More »
Posted 5/17/2011
Review 5/17/2011
Will not remove account after numerous requests. Posts personal information online and sells it to a... Read More »
Posted 5/14/2011
Review 5/14/2011
My Life took $35.85 from my checking account on 05/03/2011, but I did not receive anything for my pa... Read More »
Posted 5/3/2011
Review 5/3/2011
I got scammed. My girlfriend just went to the mylife site on my computer and it somehow automaticall... Read More »
Posted 4/21/2011
Review 4/21/2011
I am also one of those people scammed by MyLife. I cancelled my account the same day I signed up, a... Read More »
Posted 4/15/2011
Review 4/15/2011
i was a subscriber for what i understood to be 1 year for a price of 41.85. i started my subscriptio... Read More »
Posted 3/30/2011
Review 3/30/2011
I didn't have an account or membership. I Googled myself and found my name on this site with my priv... Read More »
Posted 3/27/2011
Review 3/27/2011 is not free as their TV ad states. You can sign up for free but to see any information y... Read More »
Posted 3/11/2011
Review 3/11/2011
I signed up for a three month trial with MyLife early December 2010. After a short time, I did not t... Read More »
Posted 3/7/2011
Review 3/7/2011
I had a horrible experience with mylife for over 6 months of grief. I found my and my friends data ... Read More »
Posted 3/4/2011
Review 3/4/2011
I noticed a charge on my Visa of $131.40 from MyLife. I immediately called my Visa to question wher... Read More »
Posted 2/24/2011
Review 2/24/2011
I hope the people of my life all lay in hell with a broke back!
They lie. They cheat. They screw th... Read More »
Posted 2/19/2011
Review 2/19/2011
There isn't a single record of me anywhere on the web. All of my profiles online (facebook and what ... Read More »
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