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This company's business is providing certification as a health or fitness professional.  
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Posted 9/20/2012

Catherine R.
NHE Fitness Programs
NHE Fitness Programs

NHE or National Health Educators is the only certification worth having. Why? Because they are the only one people try to get and fail, meaning the certificate on the wall actually means something. If there is no reputation... Read More »
Posted 7/26/2012

Keith B.
NHE VF programs
Big fan of their VC program. It's inexpensive and there is a lot of opportunity to make a profit from their certifications. We have a lot of trainers requesting information regarding their fitness nutrition program and their pt programs. They came... Read More »
Posted 5/15/2012

Jessica K.
Very good study program.
I've taken 4 certification programs for personal trainers and none of them were anything like the NHE level 1 personal trainer program. They offer hands on one-on-one instructions and my instructor was a professional fitness competitor.
Posted 4/15/2012

Dexter L.
NHE Certification Nails the Phony PT Accreditation Scam!
NHE Certification Nails the Phony PT Accreditation Scam!

Big time kudos for exposing the personal trainer accreditation scam that has been going on for three decades. This alone makes me trust you guys! Thank you! People should realize that mos... Read More »
Posted 3/31/2012

Jeremy L.
NHE Certification FCA Affiliates
The reason I joined the FCA program was due to the NHE philosophy. I'm sick and tired of having to replace trainers who just didn't meet the standards I have for my club. NHE understands the industry better than most other organizations. My only ... Read More »
Posted 2/28/2012

lisa b.
Considerably better than most I've taken in 25 years.
I was pleased with the NHE CPR instructor program they offer. It was as good, if not better, than the one I took through the AHA two years ago.
Posted 2/13/2012

Darryn R.
excellent guides
NHE has the best study guides. Everything is relevant and interesting to read.
Posted 12/12/2011

Karl L.
NHE master trainer exam
I recently took the NHE Master trainer exam and thought is was very difficult. If I do not pass, I will retake it because the NHE is the new standard for personal trainers. This, of course, is argumentative but if you do your research you would be... Read More »
Posted 8/10/2011

Yani D.
Review 8/10/2011
I have been providing curriculum content for National health educators for approximately 7 months now. It's one of the better fitness organizations to work for. They are a dedicated group of diversified health professionals that are very instincti... Read More »
Posted 6/2/2011

Kacey O.
Review 6/2/2011
We registered for the National Health Educators CPR 32-RT classes and have been pleased with the course. The inclusion of the manikins is what made the program affordable for us. We will sign up again in two years.
Posted 5/1/2011

Mandie G.
Review 5/1/2011
Took the NHE 6-hour fitness nutrition exam yesterday and hoped to do well. It was a good test. The exam covered everything, including herbs. Didn't have the study guide but I'm a registered dietician so I'm expecting to do very well. Fingers cross... Read More »
Posted 4/22/2011

Marlene S.
Review 4/22/2011
I spoke to them about possible employment as an instructor yesterday and felt I was conveying my experience as an AFAA instructor very well, hoping I wouldn't have to take the master trainer exam. All for not because they aren't hiring :( It's ha... Read More »
Posted 4/21/2011

jason o.
Review 4/21/2011
If anyone ever needs to post a letter NHE is the place to go lol...because they are a post office...as for training certification umm yeah u can't spell NHE without scam
Posted 4/20/2011

Michael P.
Review 4/20/2011
My exercise instructor knew a lot about exercise physiology. Very thorough program. My one complaint would be problems with scheduling. They need to restructure the scheduling format. NHE doesn't offer many options for full time students.
Posted 3/29/2011

Tina H.
Review 3/29/2011
I took the NHE lv one trainer program and found it useful. Different then ACE. I would recommend it to anyone just starting out.
Posted 3/18/2011

Hassil M.
Review 3/18/2011
On a scale of 1-10, I'd rate NHE an 8. They need to lower the overall cost of the certification program and make it more accessible in more cities. If you live in a rural area with few Internet options, you are out of luck. Study guides are very... Read More »
Posted 2/21/2011

Tai H.
Review 2/21/2011
This certification is not good for poeple just starting out. The exam is too hard and the study guide covers too many subjects. I think AFAA is better because they are more refined and their materials are easier to understand.

If you don't hav... Read More »
Posted 2/2/2011

Saji P.
Review 2/2/2011
I accepted a mentor job and I have been satisfied with how their entire recruitment process has been. It was different from any other job I have held. NHE is a very different organization and they have some very interesting concepts and proposals ... Read More »
Posted 1/25/2011

Jennifer V.
Review 1/25/2011
I took the NHE fitness nutrition exam last Saturday. It wasn't as hard as people say. I hope I pass! Two Thumps Up!!
Posted 1/10/2011

Carl W.
Review 1/10/2011
I paid over $2000 for my NHE certification. If I had it to do over, I probably would have chosen the far less expensive level 2 program they offer. The level one was too long and boring at times but the study guide was useful and full of good info... Read More »
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