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We are a license mortgage loan company and our services includes reverse mortgage, jumbo programs, and broker services.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 8/4/2014

Jeff P.
Newport Beach Purchase
I was referred over to Nick Hannemann after Chase decided to decline my wife and I on our purchase right as we were about to close. He jumped right in and restructured things so we would qualify. He even called the other agent and seller for us to... Read More »
Posted 7/28/2014

Erik O.
Above and Beyond Service by Mitch McGregor
Mitch was a great help to guide and direct us through the complicated process. He helped us to understand what was going on with patience and a personal compassion that can sometimes get lost in a professional relationship. He took the initiative ... Read More »
Posted 4/30/2014

Bob V.
Hassle Free Experience
It was a true pleasure working with Mitch and his team on our home refi. We never felt pressured into starting the process; Mitch simply laid out the advantages and showed the saving we could realize. Once we started, he laid out all the steps and... Read More »
Posted 2/27/2014

Marci A.
Great experience!!
Working with Mitch was wonderful! He was so patient with our timing and he really took the time to get to know us so he could offer the right program that would benefit our family the most. Thanks for everything Mitch!!
Posted 2/23/2014

Dominick T.
Refi satisfaction with Mitch
I worked with Mitch McGregor on my refi. He was very patient as I was all set to go and then had a flooding problem. All carpets had to be replaced. After what seemed like months later, Mitch again started with the refi. He kept in touch the whole... Read More »
Posted 1/5/2014

Chris H.
Re-Fi Made Easy
Completed my re-fi with Mitch in December and it was a breeze. He is very friendly and follows through effectively. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a mortgage.
Posted 12/6/2013

Doreen O.
Smooth Sailing
We did a Re-Fi with Mitch and his team and it was very easy. Everything was set up and ready to go quickly and correctly. No surprises. The best part was that I actually got started with the paperwork several months ago and then changed my mind. N... Read More »
Posted 11/27/2013

E'loise S.
Omni Fund Inc - Refianace with Mitchell (Mitch) McGregor
My Experience with my home Re-Finance was awesome. Mitch was readily available morning, afternoon, day and nights to provide me the things I had questions on. Mitch was very patient and worked with me to provide the loan I was looking for with the... Read More »
Posted 5/31/2013

Mitchell Mcgregor worked with me during my home Re-Finance. What stood out to me was his dedication day/night/weekends to making sure I had all the information needed to make educated decisions. Mitch made me feel like improving my current situati... Read More »
Posted 5/18/2013

Rose C.
Seamless Refi
Thanks to Mitchell McGregor of Omni-Fund Inc. for making our home refinance one of the smoothest we have ever done. Mitch was very professional, always on the ball with answering our questions or requesting required information, kept us informed o... Read More »
Posted 5/10/2013

Michael P.
Review - Refi
Working with Mitch was a pleasure. Everything went smoothly and Mitch was definitely my advocate!
Posted 3/25/2013

Dave M.
Mitch McGregor
Our loan closed last week. We received everything we were looking for. Great service and patience by Mitch. Followed through on everything that he promised. I would strongly recommend his services. Look forward to doing busy with him again. Dave M... Read More »
Posted 3/19/2013

Jane G.
Mortgage Refinance
Omni Fund, a Professional, honest company. Our broker, Ryan Hrisca, walked us through all the steps and showed us the processes as we went through them. His forthcoming of all fees with an explanation for them was a breath of fresh air for this in... Read More »
Posted 3/5/2013

Amanda N.
HARP 2 Refi
My Husband and I have tried to refinance our home that is underwater for the last 3 years. All the programs and loan mods never went through with our Citibank mortgage who owned our loan. After discussing this with Ryan Hrisca he offered the HARP... Read More »
Posted 2/4/2013

Gaye W.
Need help with your mortgage? Ask Ryan Hrisca - He is the Best of the Best!!
I have nothing but good to say about Ryan Hrisca. He is really sharp at understanding the mortgage industry. This is my second refinance with him and both times were excellent. This time Ryan got me away from the lender paid mortgage insurance ... Read More »
Posted 1/19/2013

stefanie R.
Omni Fund was fantastic!
Mitch McGregor from Omni-Fund was extremely friendly and helpful. He did a great job in refinancing my home loan and he is going to save me a ton of money :) Mitch and Omni-Fund are highly recommended!
Posted 1/16/2013

Tom G.
Ryan Hrica
I would recommend Ryan Hirca who works for Omni-Fund,Inc. To my mother and best friend. Three weeks after he got started I was signing loan papers. He was helpful and friendly from beginning to end. I trust Ryan. Thank You Tom Garcia
Posted 1/8/2013

Tina G.
Review Mitchell McGregor
Mitchell conducted our refinance and was professional and thorough. He always returned phone calls and communicated all the needs of the file, which resulted in a very speedy and virtually painless process. I would recommend him to friends and fa... Read More »
Posted 11/15/2012

Natalie V.
Review of Mitchell McGregor
Mitchell was very professional and explained things to my satisfaction while doing my re finance. He returned phone calls and he did what he said he would. I would recommend him for family and friends.
Posted 10/1/2012

David J.
Great Job By Omni-Fund
Omni-Fund, especially Ryan Hrisca, provided excellent service, prompt notifications of updates, and really made us feel like we were taken care of through our entire home mortgage refinance process. We've been very pleased with what Ryan provided... Read More »
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