Planet Antares, Inc.

Culver City , CA 90230
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This company's business is the offer of a seller assisted marketing plan which involves the sale and distribution of vending machines.  
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Vending Machine Sales and Placement Business Oppor ...
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 4/22/2013
This company is a scam
I to got scammed by Planet Antares,Inc. promise to make good money with vending machines. I bought 5... Read More »
Posted 4/16/2013
planet antares what a scam
I feel very taken. I need parts for my machines and am going to the manufacturer hopefully to get so... Read More »
Posted 9/9/2012
Getting parts for your Office Deli electronic vending machines
Your Planet Antares Office Deli electronic vending machines were manufactured by one of two companie... Read More »
Posted 7/25/2012
Why does no one take responsibility for their own actions?
Before I post my comments, let me say that I do not endorse crooks and people looking to scam others... Read More »
Posted 4/9/2012
Planet Antares
I bought 3 machines from this company 3 years ago (we spent almost $20,000) after we went to the co... Read More »
Posted 2/27/2012
planet antares
I would like to be a part of that class action lawsuit against Planet Antares.
Posted 11/19/2011
Review 11/19/2011
I bought 3 of the snack/drink combo machines back in 2007, wiped out my retirement, and went into ab... Read More »
Posted 9/17/2011
Review 9/17/2011
I agree with a lot of the bad reviews on this company. It was a high pressure, slick presentation. ... Read More »
Posted 7/22/2011
Review 7/22/2011
I spent more than $45,000 on 8 machines the later half of 2005, half of the $100,000 life insurance ... Read More »
Posted 5/26/2011
Review 5/26/2011
This company needs to be thoroughly investigated by the law. I made complaints about this fraudulen... Read More »
Posted 5/9/2011
Review 5/9/2011
Not satisfied with their service. Never forwarded any info to me. Had to contact them through this l... Read More »
Posted 5/9/2011
Review 5/9/2011
I have the same complaints as everyone else but the answer you're not getting any response from the ... Read More »
Posted 5/6/2011
Review 5/6/2011
i think you people should deal with it and shut up these people are real good at what they do and i ... Read More »
Posted 4/25/2011
Review 4/25/2011
I am so glad I found this site, and also, I was NOT surprised in the least to see that the BBB gives... Read More »
Posted 4/12/2011
Review 4/12/2011
Hi Planet Antares , and or Barbara S.

I am a vendor, and have 3 or your Beverage/Snack machines
... Read More »
Posted 4/1/2011
Review 4/1/2011
Just so everyone here knows...Planet Antares formally Antares Corporation, formally Orion has closed... Read More »
Posted 3/14/2011
Review 3/14/2011
My wife and I live in Canada and bought 8 of these machines and feel similar to many of the other po... Read More »
Posted 3/10/2011
Review 3/10/2011
We have three "office deli" machines. I have been trying to contact the tech support person at Plane... Read More »
  Business's response - by Barbara S. on 3/11/2011
Ms. Doshi, we are not certain as to why you did not receive notice of the new Customer Support phone... Read More »
Posted 3/9/2011
Review 3/9/2011
Planet Antares is not responding to our phone calls. There is no response at all. They took our depo... Read More »
Posted 3/2/2011
Review 3/2/2011
I am a distributor or Planet Antares vending machines. My purchase was around 57,000 dollars and w... Read More »
  Business's response - by Barbara S. on 3/2/2011
Mr. Skaggs we are not certian as to why you did not receive notice of the new Customer Support phone... Read More »
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