Planet Antares, Inc.

Culver City , CA 90230
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This company's business is the offer of a seller assisted marketing plan which involves the sale and distribution of vending machines.  
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Customer Reviews & Ratings
Posted 4/22/2013

Sonja K.
This company is a scam
I to got scammed by Planet Antares,Inc. promise to make good money with vending machines. I bought 5, placed 3 by myself and the other 2 the company helped place by their mail outs (which I sent out 2 different mail outs equaling 645 pieces each.)... Read More »
Posted 4/16/2013

laurie l.
planet antares what a scam
I feel very taken. I need parts for my machines and am going to the manufacturer hopefully to get some. I cannot believe how I fell for this! You want to believe that people are good and honest, what a complete joke. This experience has really mad... Read More »
Posted 9/9/2012

John S.
Getting parts for your Office Deli electronic vending machines
Your Planet Antares Office Deli electronic vending machines were manufactured by one of two companies. - Machine #1 - Red LED Display - Seaga Manufacturing 700 Seaga Drive Freeport, IL 91032 Ph#: 815-297-9500 Contact ... Read More »
Posted 7/25/2012

Georgia D.
Why does no one take responsibility for their own actions?
Before I post my comments, let me say that I do not endorse crooks and people looking to scam others. I think those people are scum and should be ashamed of themselves. However, I also don't think you should let other people do all your thinking... Read More »
Posted 2/27/2012

karen a.
planet antares
I would like to be a part of that class action lawsuit against Planet Antares.
Posted 11/19/2011

Joe D.
Review 11/19/2011
I bought 3 of the snack/drink combo machines back in 2007, wiped out my retirement, and went into about 12,000.00 of debt in the process. It's been 4 yrs, and I just placed the 3rd machine. I agree the Planet Antares gouged us on the price. But I ... Read More »
Posted 9/17/2011

Darlene W.
Review 9/17/2011
I agree with a lot of the bad reviews on this company. It was a high pressure, slick presentation. I spent $20,000 on two of the Office Deli machines a year ago. Both are placed and make approximately $25 a week. A far cry from the represented... Read More »
Posted 7/22/2011

Maryla W.
Review 7/22/2011
I spent more than $45,000 on 8 machines the later half of 2005, half of the $100,000 life insurance from my husbands' death – a WHOLE LOT of MONEY for ME!!! It was WAY, WAY too much money for the machines, and if I knew what I know now, I would ha... Read More »
Posted 5/26/2011

Review 5/26/2011
This company needs to be thoroughly investigated by the law. I made complaints about this fraudulent company called Planet Antares last year concerning the way they were treating me after collecting my life savings of $11,000 for a vending machin... Read More »
Posted 5/9/2011

Gary J.
Review 5/9/2011
Not satisfied with their service. Never forwarded any info to me. Had to contact them through this link and all I have gotten so far is an answering machine. Will keep trying. To everyone, if you are serious, cache or save this page. Should Barb S... Read More »
Posted 5/9/2011

Review 5/9/2011
I have the same complaints as everyone else but the answer you're not getting any response from the company is because they filed bankruptcy in early 2011. I am trying to find out information about a class action lawsuit and have put inquiries in... Read More »
Posted 4/25/2011

Johnny N.
Review 4/25/2011
I am so glad I found this site, and also, I was NOT surprised in the least to see that the BBB gives, Planet Antares, or whatever name they are using today, an F- rating. My story is the same as almost everyone else in these reviews. If I could fi... Read More »
Posted 4/12/2011

Fara K.
Review 4/12/2011
Hi Planet Antares , and or Barbara S.

I am a vendor, and have 3 or your Beverage/Snack machines

Please provide me with a phone# for tech. support or Customer Service.

I can't believe you would not contact your us or with forwarding contac... Read More »
Posted 4/1/2011

Dana G.
Review 4/1/2011
Just so everyone here knows...Planet Antares formally Antares Corporation, formally Orion has closed it's doors! The scam has finally seen its last days. I used to work for Dana Bashor and the other crooks at this company for 5 years. I know first... Read More »
Posted 3/14/2011

Stewart M.
Review 3/14/2011
My wife and I live in Canada and bought 8 of these machines and feel similar to many of the other posters.
I have also read many of the company responses. I know from our machines location is everything. Our best machine does $280 a week and our ... Read More »
Posted 3/10/2011

Varsha D.
Review 3/10/2011
We have three "office deli" machines. I have been trying to contact the tech support person at Planet Antares Inc without success. The e mails also have bounced back. We have not been able to talk to anybody. Barbara, will you please send us the ... Read More »
Business's response - by Barbara S.on 3/11/2011
Ms. Doshi, we are not certain as to why you did not receive notice of the new Customer Support phone number, but we apologize for any possible error on our part. We have left the new phone number on your home answering machine and have emailed it ... Read More »
Posted 3/9/2011

Ernie M.
Review 3/9/2011
Planet Antares is not responding to our phone calls. There is no response at all. They took our deposit and did not ship the equipment. After 5 recorded phone calls they have not responded. Barbara S? Please contact me and let me know if you will ... Read More »
Posted 3/2/2011

cliff s.
Review 3/2/2011
I am a distributor or Planet Antares vending machines. My purchase was around 57,000 dollars and was let down the road like others. Now after one year, I need help from my team at Planet Antares and they are no where to be found. This is a hug... Read More »
Business's response - by Barbara S.on 3/2/2011
Mr. Skaggs we are not certian as to why you did not receive notice of the new Customer Support phone number, but we apologize for any possible error on our part. We have left the new phone number on your home answering machine and have emailed to ... Read More »
Posted 2/18/2011

cyndee R.
Review 2/18/2011
I spent nearly 40,000.00 on 4 machines I was ripped of the machines only cost 2995.00 eac, they said they would be there to help and get all my part replacements for free for 5 years now just 4 months later they are missing. I cant get ahold of an... Read More »
Business's response - by Barbara S.on 3/2/2011
Planet Antares is very disturbed that you falsely claim “we are missing” when you and your partner have had numerous recent conversations with our Customer Support department. The last conversations were on Feb 15th & 18th well after the time we ... Read More »
Posted 2/15/2011

Curtis C.
Review 2/15/2011
My mom purchased 8 of the 2005 Planet Antares Refreshment Center Combination units, they have been nothing but a headache ever since. The entire concept is great, and to be completely honest probably could thrive and succeed in particular locatio... Read More »
Business's response - by Barbara S.on 3/2/2011
Mr. Curtis C., we do not believe that you are one of our distributors because your name and the details you give do not match anyone in our data bank. In your blog you state that your mother purchased the machines more than six years ago. Please ... Read More »
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