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Posted 6/20/2013

Ellen R.
Playdom Games
I would NOT recommend anyone use any of playdoms games, I played their game "mobsters" on myspace for years during which time there were problems within the game which they occasionally fixed but never in a timely manner. Towards the end... Read More »
Posted 3/10/2013

alice s.
Disney would be shocked!
Playdom Inc, is an online gaming site with various games that are also offered on social network sites. Acquired in 2010 by The Walt Disney Co, it is not living up to the standards Disney is known for. The support and customer service is alm... Read More »
Posted 1/2/2013

Sal Q.
Playdom? More like Playdumb or PayDom.
1 star. They do not deserve even one star. Playdom's games all require money. Although you can play for free, to be able to do anything in the games, you have to pay a good amount of money. But spending doesn't end. You will find yourself spending... Read More »
Posted 7/2/2012

Arianna C.
Worst customer service ever!
Granted, these games can be played for free but this company wants and expects you to pay real money to play their games online. That being said, they have the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. Support tickets are either never an... Read More »
Posted 6/7/2012

Tina F.
Terrible customer service
I've played several of this company's games online over the past few years and they are all about manipulating people into spending money on a free game (if you want to have any success playing them) and then ignoring complaints about the game or ... Read More »
Posted 3/27/2012

Susan A.
Playdom--Enter at your own risk!
I started playing Gardens of Time on last September. It instantly became very addicting--the ability to acquire objects to build and create a beautiful garden, as well as the fun of searching for hidden objects really appealed to me. ... Read More »
Posted 3/27/2012

Moya O.
Gardens of Time
I used to enjoy playing Gardens of Time, both on FB & through PD, but it is getting very hard now with all the glitches on both sites. Not only that, but a couple of weeks ago they sold an item which gave good reputation, and now, not only have th... Read More »
Posted 3/27/2012

Janet H.
Gardens of Time: Great Game
I love this game and people should just stop playing if they don't like playing. If they are spending money on a free game that is not the companys problem. No one is forcing anyone to play. Just stop. They have had some problems but when they do,... Read More »
Posted 3/27/2012

Gardens of Time is Too Broken
I try to play Gardens of Time on It is a beautiful little gem of a game now owned by Disney, I understand. Unfortunately, it is broken more often than not, so it is very difficult, not to mention extremely frustrating, to play.
Posted 3/27/2012

Cindy P.
Disney can ruin anything
Ever since Disney got control of this game by purchasing Playdom, this game has gone straight downhill. There is no customer service, they sell you an item for one price with a certain amount of "rep" points, then downgrade it retrospectively, sel... Read More »
Posted 3/25/2012

pat w.
playdoms gardens of time
Just a note to let everyone know that gardens of time started to fall apart after the Disney Corporation bought there were never any problems before that. Don't blame playdom BLAME DISNEY.
Posted 3/21/2012

David T.
No gold at end of rainbow
Good graphics-frustrating support or no support. Gold stolen by their positioning. They cut off crystals before objectives are met and time frame remains. This must be by design...people are getting frustrated with bad support and playing guide... Read More »
Posted 2/28/2012

nancy z.
Worse tech support ever!
Once again I was unable to play the Crystal game because of some mysterious bug that tech support claimed was fixed , but never was. Where did these people learn their trade, because they really need to get more expertise before biting off more th... Read More »
Posted 2/18/2012

martha l.
PlayDumb seems to be the response when I contact support for help, no matter the problem. The automated, cold responses have never been any help at all, and only serve to further frustrate me. I certainly don't need stress caused by a game I play ... Read More »
Posted 2/17/2012

Jennifer K.
Gardens of Time
Gardens of Time: Great potential ruined by Playdom greed. This is a very good game that appeals to females more than males. There is a hidden object element as well as designing your own garden. Good graphics. Very expensive to buy premium items a... Read More »
Posted 2/17/2012

Karla F.
Player Beware
Play at your own risk. This game is not on an equal playing field for all it's players. This game is also loaded with ongoing glitches and lockouts that impede and halt your progress. Playdom takes 48+ hours to correct any current ongoing glitch a... Read More »
Posted 2/16/2012

Sherri D.
Gardens of Time by Playdom
In my opinion, Sara F. has succinctly put into words how everyone I know feels about Gardens of Time on Playdom. In fact, I can't disagree with anything that has been said on this page. Well said, everyone! I'm a person who generally likes to put ... Read More »
Posted 2/15/2012

Robinski C.
Playdom's Customer Service is anything but!
I've played several of Playdom's games--City of Wonder, Triple Town, Gardens of Time. Gardens of Time (GoT)is the one I've played the most. The game has been glitchy, but they have responded fairly well, and worked through many of the glitches... Read More »
Posted 2/15/2012

Cara L.
I actually enjoyed the game for quite some time but lately it has gone down hill. The known issues are still known issues and never seem to be resolved. They introduce new things without sorting out the glitches and messes they already have. Th... Read More »
Posted 2/15/2012

Renata F.
A company that does not respect its own customers
A company that has not showing respect for its customers as creates games with a lot of bugs and does not give a proper feedback when customers complain.
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